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lose weight after 30

6 Simple Ways to Help You Lose Weight After 30

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When you hit your 30s, you are usually just getting into a career and starting a family. If you are on a weight loss journey, you have to squeeze in time to put yourself first. Continue reading for tips to help you lose weight once you hit your 30s. Following these tips will help you lose weight and enjoy the journey.

1. Change How You Eat Protein

Although tons of diets feature protein for weight loss, understanding the proper ways to enjoy protein is essential. Your protein sources should be based on your food preferences; however, eating more protein is a great way to keep your blood sugar under control.

In addition, remember that proteins are not all equal. Eating for weight loss in your 30s will include eating quality protein sources and an otherwise balanced diet. Your protein choices should consist of animal and plant-based protein instead of processed foods.

2. Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Sleep

If you are immersed in your career and have children in your 30s, you aren’t getting enough sleep. However, rest is one of the best ways to lose weight. That isn’t to say that weight will magically fall off because you sleep more. However, the benefits of sleep cannot be overstated.

Getting the proper amount of sleep nightly has benefits that lead to weight loss. In addition to feeling better overall, appropriate amounts of sleep help increase focus and concentration. Sleep deprivation makes individuals metabolically groggy and stops their ability to process insulin.

3. Don’t Starve Yourself

Since people believe that less food helps slim down, many go to the extremes for weight loss. Even if just to fit into an outfit for an occasion, starving yourself is damaging to your health and weight loss journey.

Instead of losing weight, people who start themselves often find that they have gained weight or carry a lot of water weight. When the body is uncertain of when it will get its next meal, it holds on to everything possible. Instead of starving yourself, eat sensible meals at regular intervals or healthy snacks like nuts, protein bars, and granola.

4. Ditch the Softdrinks

In your 30s, you may have switched to diet soft drinks to cut down on sugar. However, diet soft drinks have no nutritional value and contain other chemicals that should only be consumed in moderation. Instead of drinking calories that make losing weight harder, have fruit-infused water with meals for hydration.

5. Have Fun Working Out

By 30, many are settling down into family life and careers. However, nothing says that working out cannot be fun among friends. Worthing out with friends is a great way to take care of your health and hold tight to friendships and bonds.

In addition to working out with a friend in a gym, you can also get a few pieces of equipment and work out at home. For instance, you can do hundreds of different workouts using online kettlebell classes with a kettlebell. According to Pro Kettlebell, regardless of your fitness level, “these kettlebell videos are designed for everyone…and deliver fast results.” That means that you and your friend don’t need to be on matching fitness paths; you can both enjoy the online classes.

6. Reduce or delete processed foods

On busy days, we all love to be saved by the fast-food we save in our fridge. This could be a good idea if we don’t have time enough to cook something for ourselves or our families. But why do we have to choose fast food instead of nutritive and healthy options that are also easy to make?

Try some hummus with some vegetables instead of nuggets, or maybe a sandwich with integral bread and some breast chicken. You will make that meal in less than 10 minutes and it’s the best option to take care of your health!


As you have read, when you hit your 30s, you likely have a career and a family to take care of. If you are trying to lose weight, it is doubly hard. However, if you follow the six tips listed above, you will not only lose weight, you will enjoy the journey.

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