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How to activate your body's collagen naturally and reduce premature ageing?

How to activate your body’s collagen naturally and reduce premature ageing?

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Collagen is a natural protein in the body whose function is to hold together the tissue structures of the different parts of the body.

Over time, the body loses its natural collagen, causing different health problems: muscular affections, certain types of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, fragile skin, among other difficulties that affect your well-being and quality of life.

But did you know that you can mitigate these problems by activating your body’s collagen naturally?

Please read this article to the end and find out what collagen is, its use, and how to reactivate it naturally.

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Today we tell you:

  • What collagen is and what it is used for.
  • Why do we lose collagen with age.
  • How to activate natural collagen.

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What is collagen, and what is it used for?

According to experts, collagen accounts for about a third of all the protein in our bodies. This fact tells us how vital this compound is for the human body.

What we know as ‘collagen’ is a superfamily of more than 20 structural proteins. They are made by cells known as fibroblasts and hold the body’s tissues together.

The tissues are found in different body parts such as skin, joints and bones, among others.

In short, collagen is responsible for giving support and firmness to these structures. Therefore, when collagen production is reduced as part of the body’s natural ageing process, a series of deficiencies and difficulties are generated that affect our health.

Why do we lose collagen as we age?

Experts say that at the age of 40, collagen production is only half of what the body produces in adolescence. This loss is part of the body’s natural ageing process, which is also influenced by specific factors that we will discuss below.

In women, the decrease in collagen production is more evident. This fact happens because women, in addition to having a lower amount of collagen than men, also go through hormonal processes that hurt harm negative impact on it.

According to specialists, from the age of 30 onwards, the body loses approximately 1% of collagen every year. This figure doubles (2%) in women with menopause because the loss of sex hormones affects collagen production.

In addition, certain external factors contribute to this process, accelerating premature ageing of the body:

– Tobacco.

– Alcohol.

– Excessive exposure to the sun.

– Dehydration.

– Lack of sleep or rest.

– poor or deficient diet (low protein)

– stress

Factors over which we have relative control, unlike the inevitable changes that occur in the body due to ageing.

What happens when we lose collagen?

You probably remember what the primary function of this essential protein is.

That’s right! To ensure the support and structure of tissues.

So, what do you think happens when the body does not produce the necessary amount of collagen?

It generates different deficiencies that lead to diseases associated with ageing.

– Loss of flexibility and elasticity in the skin.

– Pain in joints and muscles.

– Deterioration of eyesight.

– Problems in blood circulation.

– Deficiencies in gums and teeth

– Certain types of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

– Loss of stiffness in the tissues of the lungs or heart.

– Impaired eyesight.

Among other conditions that negatively influence our quality of life.

But we have good news for you.

It is possible to boost collagen production in the body naturally with a few simple tips. Applying them to your daily routine will improve your well-being and delay the ageing process.

How to activate natural collagen? 

To activate your body’s natural collagen, it is not necessary to undergo any medical treatment. Incorporating positive habits into your daily life will promote collagen production, delaying some of the problems mentioned above.

But before I tell you how to encourage collagen production, here are some of the habits that will help you preserve the collagen you already have in your body.

Sleep better

During sleep, melatonin, a hormone with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, is released.

In addition, experts say that a restful sleep of at least 7 hours leads to an increase in growth hormone. All this influences the constant production of collagen, improving the levels of this protein in the body.


I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve read these tips in an article about how to fight to age. It’s not only an effective formula for toned, muscular bodies but also for looking great on the inside.

Eat right

While there are no forbidden foods, as this practice is not recommended in any diet, we can avoid excess sugar and flour that affect collagen production.

On the other hand, some foods provide the body with collagen or promote its production.


Would you like to know what they are?


Activate your body’s collagen with these foods

Collagen is a component that can be found in many animal-derived foods. However, specific proteins of both animal and vegetable origin release amino acids that contribute to the natural production of collagen.

Here are some of the foods that activate collagen in our body:

– Fish (especially oily fish) and lean meats.

– Bone broth and poultry or bovine cartilage. In particular, chicken feet have high levels of collagen and are rich in protein.


– Eggs. If you can eat it without removing the thin cloth that separates the shell from the egg, once cooked, all the better. It contains a lot of collagen.

Similarly, there is another group of foods that, although they do not contain collagen, help our body manufacture or synthesise it in a better way.

– Nuts and seeds (zinc).

– Pulses and cereals.

– Citrus fruits (vitamin C).

– Avocado (vitamin E)

– Carrot (beta-carotene).

– Green leafy vegetables (antioxidants).


By incorporating these foods into your diet in a balanced way, you will be contributing to the production of collagen naturally.

Activate your body’s collagen with natural supplements

Another way to activate collagen naturally is with supplements such as Living Silica Collagen Booster, the silicon supplement with the highest absorption rate on the market. This product increases collagen production.

It comes in a bottle with 60 capsules.

CTA Living peptides EN

You may be wondering, how many to take? It is recommended to take two capsules a day,10 minutes before a meal, in maintenance mode. This routine will add extra silica to your current diet.

However, if you want to see changes more quickly, you can switch to intensive intake, 4 to 8 capsules a day, depending on your goals.

This product is ideal for increasing energy and vitality, improving quality of life and athletic performance. In addition, because it contains silica, it can provide the raw material the body needs to boost collagen and form connective tissue.

Silica is a vital nutrient necessary for our body. It helps to strengthen and revitalise bones, nails, eliminate joint pain or hair.

Another natural supplement that promotes collagen activation is Silicium G7 Original. This biodynamic product contains organic silica and therefore improves the appearance of the skin, with an anti-ageing effect.

Silicium Original G7 comes in a 1,000ml bottle with a measuring cup. As it is a liquid, you can mix it with your favourite cold drinks. Taking 15ml twice a day, before meals, is enough to start to be effective.

Also, it is of mineral origin, as organic silica is obtained from silicates from rocks and minerals.

It provides multiple benefits such as preserving youthful skin, revitalising hair and strengthening nails. It also improves bone, muscle and joint health.


Silicium G7 Original


In short, collagen is an essential protein for our organism.

It is responsible for guaranteeing the union between the tissues that make up the structures of our body. However, no wonder that its loss or deterioration generates so many health problems over time.

But, as you can see, there are many solutions to maintain your body’s collagen and contribute to its production. Suppose you manage to incorporate the habits and foods mentioned into your daily routine. You will be betting on a better quality of life.

Activate your body’s natural collagen and ensure your well-being!

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