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exfoliación corporal de una mujer en una bañera

All about body exfoliation: what is it for and what are its benefits?

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In the context of both beauty and health, in order to have healthy, well-cared-for skin, it is important to carry out a deep cleansing on a regular basis. We are talking about what is known as body exfoliation, for which we can use a homemade exfoliator. Or also a suitable product, with natural ingredients. 

Here we explain what this technique consists of, what benefits it has for your body and how to do it correctly. Since there are two methods, you can choose the one you are most comfortable with. Both are simple.

What is body exfoliation?

As a self-care treatment, body exfoliation is nothing more than massaging the various parts of the body. By using a body scrub, we remove dead skin cells. Those that accumulate on the surface of the dermis. Along with other debris and microbes, which penetrate the pores.

This process therefore promotes cell regeneration, which is important for the skin to be able to breathe properly. And, consequently, to keep it in a better condition. Instead of the tissue looking dry, shrivelled and aged.

It is recommended to carry out a body exfoliation at least once a week. Ideally, this routine should be carried out all year round, no matter what time of year it is.

Depending on your skin type, it is best to increase this frequency to two or three times in seven days. Of course, before applying the treatment, we must be cautious. Because it is not recommended in cases of dermatitis, very sensitive skin, sunburn or wounds in the dermis.

What are the benefits of exfoliating the body?

In general, exfoliating helps our skin to be smoother, smoother, cleaner, brighter and younger. In other words, healthier inside and out. But it also brings other benefits:

  • Prevents premature ageing. By regenerating cells and activating blood circulation, the tissue receives more nutrients and oxygen.
  • Stimulates the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, so that toxins are eliminated through the pores. This results in a dermis free of impurities.
  • It produces a feeling of well-being and relaxation. An anti-stress effect that is always good for your health.
  • It helps to have an even tan, because with body exfoliation the skin colour becomes more intense. No spots or dark spots. In addition, it adds more protection from the sun’s rays.
  • It prepares the tissue for the application of other cosmetic treatments, helping them to work better.
dry body scrub with brush

How do you do a body scrub?

To perform this technique, known as peeling, it is best to use a body scrub. They are available in gel and cream formats. This type of product contains micro-particles that enhance the action we perform.

It should be applied on wet skin, so it is best to be naked in a shower or bathtub. Then, to exfoliate our body we only have to massage with circular and upward movements.

We start with the feet and work our way up to the legs, buttocks, torso, back, neck and face. Do not forget the arms and hands. Then rinse first with lukewarm water and immediately afterwards with cooler water.

Also dry exfoliation

For years another method has also been used: dry exfoliation. The difference is clear, as we simply do not wet our skin before the process.

We do not apply any body scrub either.

All we need is a cell brush or a horsehair glove to massage for several minutes. As in the previous treatment, with circular movements and in ascending movements over the body. Once we have gone over everything, we rinse off with a cold shower.

body scrub on the back with a gel

In short, this is body exfoliation, an ideal way to keep your skin healthy, luminous and smooth on a daily basis. You’ve already seen that it has multiple benefits, so it goes beyond this single objective. And as a complement to skin care, we also recommend using other products. For example, G7 LipoReduct, which improves elasticity and reduces roughness. Or Soriaskin, if you have more delicate or damaged tissue.

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