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All about hair massage: what is it, what types are there, and what are its benefits?

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It is important to maintain a proper hair care routine to keep hair clean and healthy and even prevent hair loss. In addition to taking food with biotin or using horsetail, you can resort to one of the most straightforward techniques available: hair massage.

Below, we explain what it consists of, how it is done correctly, the different types, and the benefits it brings to our hair.

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What is hair massage?

A hair massage involves making movements on your hair with your fingertips or specific massagers. The movements are usually small and limited in radius, drawing circles. Different techniques can be used. The aim is to improve blood circulation by stimulating blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in your head.

Scalp massage is especially aimed at those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia to prevent and slow it down. This is due to hereditary or genetic factors causing hair loss. Depending on the needs of each person, the normal frequency of these massages can be one per month or one per week.

hair massage a woman with her hands on her head

How do you give a good hair massage?

First, you can either do the hair massage yourself or have someone else do it for you, which will make it more relaxing. The process is divided into three parts:

  1. Relax the scalp, massaging slowly downwards and upwards, with your hands behind your head. You should pause for about ten seconds between each movement. Ideally, repeat up to 20 times.
  1. You can use an oil such as argan oil while massaging your hair. In this way you can take advantage of its beneficial active ingredients, also for the skin. It helps, among other things, to moisturise if the hair is drier. Others, such as coconut, EVOO, avocado, rosemary or thyme, are also good. You should not overdo it, however, with the quantity. Two or three drops are enough.
  1. The last phase is the deeper scalp massage. This can be of different types, but you should not use your nails to avoid injuring the area. With your fingertips, spread and gather each finger in a bending movement. Continue gently and slowly for at least three minutes.

Types of hair massages that exist

In line with the above, we can classify the different hair massage methods into five:

  • Friction consists of making circles or back and forth in a single direction and uniformly all over the head.
  • Rubbing, in which you have to slide the palms of your hands to compress the skin while making spiral movements.
  • Pressure, which is applied to a particular area of the hair. Also, use palms, closed hands, or fingertips.
  • Vibration, which is also based on pressing but not as hard as in the previous hair massage technique.
  • Percussion, with small, rapid, concave strokes of your fingertips or palms.
hair massage man massaging his hair in the shower

Benefits of scalp massage

  • It reduces hair loss, as we have already mentioned above, as a result of stimulating hair growth.
  • It has an exfoliating function. In other words, it allows you to remove toxins and dead cells, which prevents pores from clogging.
  • It increases blood circulation, which positively affects the hair follicle being more active. And nutrients reach it more quickly and effectively.
  • All of the above contribute to stronger, shinier, firmer, more colourful and generally healthier hair.
  • It prevents the formation of oedema and inflammation. It also helps to relieve headaches.
  • Scalp massage also relaxes and combats stress because it increases the level of serotonin in the brain. Something that makes you feel calmer, in a sense of well-being.

In short, with these benefits, hair massage is an excellent remedy to stop baldness. At the same time, it helps you to have sensational hair that is as healthy as possible. If you wish, we recommend that you take a separate supplement with organic silicon. Such as G7 Siliplant, with horsetail and rosemary, or G7 Beauty, enriched with vitamin E and selenium, to maintain the beauty of your skin and hair.

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