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Couple Training: 10 Fun and Effective Exercises

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Regular exercise is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal health. It is also key to our mental and emotional well-being.

However, practicing sport daily or several times a week requires us to invest some time and be consistent.

This is when partner training becomes an ideal option.

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The benefits of partner training

Whether you’re a natural athlete or you’re going to start exercising to get fit for the first time, partner training is a wonderful option.

In the case of an athletic couple, with powerful and demanding workouts, training together can bring you benefits such as:

  • Sharing your passion or love for the sport.
  • Having the support and motivation you need to improve your performance and your records.
  • Experimenting with new routines and even sports practices.
  • To carry out tournaments or competitions as a couple.

If, on the other hand, until now you had not practiced sport or did not do it regularly, training as a couple will be ideal for:

  • That the beginning, which is usually the most complicated, is more bearable and / or not postponed.
  • Fight laziness and start creating a habit of regular physical exercise.
  • Keep you motivated and support each other.
  • Reduce the embarrassment or shyness that many beginners experience when they go to the gym or attend group activities such as yoga, zumba, spinning, etc.
  • Enjoy and have fun playing sports together.

Whether you are a sporty couple or not, training as a couple is also a great way to spend quality time together.

Many people put sport aside because, after long days of work, they want to spend time with their partner.

Well, training as a couple is a way to spend time with the person you love and, in addition, to do it in a healthy, fun and comforting way.

Exercises for partner training

You can practice sports as a couple in many ways. For example, as mentioned above, there is the possibility of attending group sports activities together, such as zumba, body pump, spinning, pilates or yoga, among many others.

However, here we are going to focus on partner exercises that you can incorporate into your routines, regardless of whether you do them in a gym, at home or outdoors.

The reason we have chosen these types of exercises is because they are much easier to fit into your schedules.

In addition to that independence, they also help strengthen the bond between the two of you and are more fun for couples than, for example, group activities or with less interaction during practice, such as swimming or running.

10 Exercises to do as a couple

Among the exercises you can do with your partner, it is worth highlighting:

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a fun, simple exercise that quickly increases energy.

To perform it you will have to stand up, facing each other or side by side.

In the case of standing in line, you will have to leave enough distance between you so that your arms do not collide.

Once positioned, simply jump, opening your legs and arms at the same time, raising your arms above your head.

The goal is to try to do the movement or repetitions that you have set as fast as possible and/or within a stipulated time.

Twisting with a ball

This simple exercise is ideal to do as a couple. You will need a ball, although if you don’t have one, you can substitute it for another valid object (that you can hold and pass without difficulty).

Simply sit on the floor, back to back, and exchange the ball or alternative object from side to side.

Ball crunches

In a couple’s workout, crunches are a must. This simple modification of the classic crunches or sit-ups makes them much more fun as a couple than alone.

To perform them you will also need a ball and you will have to sit facing each other, legs facing legs.

Once seated, you will have to lie down with your legs bent and coordinate each other to do a ball pass with each incorporation or abdominal.

Plank and Burpees

This exercise is actually a combination of two types of exercises.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is a partner workout, one of the partners will perform the static plank while the other partner jumps over it and performs a burpee by touching the floor.

Once the exercise is completed, the roles will alternate.

Depending on your plank endurance and the speed at which you perform the jumps+burpees, you can set a greater or lesser number of repetitions per round.

Plank with handstand

Another way to integrate the plank into your partner workout is to do it at the same time with a high-five.

To do this, we will have to adopt the plank position facing each other.

Once this is done, in a coordinated manner, without losing the plank position, you will have to alternate handshakes: right hand of one with left hand of the other, followed by left hand of the first with right hand of the other.

Push-ups facing each other

Positioned in the same way as in the plank with high-fives, you can perform push-ups in pairs.

Although in this case the interaction is not as direct, you can coordinate to lower slowly or do the push-ups at the same time.

This will make it less hard and more fun to meet your goals for this exercise.

Clap push-ups

An even more fun version of partner push-ups is one in which we clap or high-five.

Instead of doing push-ups facing each other, every time you return to the starting position, and before you do the push-up, you should slap your partner’s hand.

You will have to alternate high-fives and perform the push-ups in a coordinated manner in order to keep the exercise flowing.

Wheelbarrow push-ups

In the wheelbarrow push-ups, each partner takes on a role, which we will then exchange.

One of you will have to assume the plank position, while the other holds your ankles.

Once in this position, the partner in the plank position must perform the push-ups relying on the support and stability provided by the partner holding him/her.

Back to back squat with dumbbells

To perform this partner squat exercise you will have to adopt a seated position, leaning your back against your partner’s back.

Keeping that position, you will have to pass the dumbbell to each other with the weight you have chosen.

To do this, one of you stretches your arms forward with the dumbbell, raises them over your head, curving them slightly backwards and passes the dumbbell to your partner, who repeats the process.

It is important not to release the dumbbell until you are sure that the other partner is holding it.

It may take a little practice at first, both to keep you stable and support each other as you lean back to back, and to pass the dumbbell to each other with confidence.

However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll really enjoy doing this exercise together.

Lunges with or without jumping

Lunges consist of performing lunges by bringing one leg back and bending the knee of the other leg.

A more demanding version of this exercise is to combine it with jumping.

In this case, we jump and fall with one leg backwards and the knee touching the ground, and with the other leg bent towards the front.

To do this exercise in pairs you will have to hold hands, facing each other, and be coordinated.

If you perform lunges without jumping, it will be easier to bend your knees at the same time. You can start without jumping and, when you have mastered it, incorporate it. Either way, it’s a lot of fun.

A healthy life as a couple

Teaming up with your partner is not only fun, entertaining and motivating when it comes to sports.

Teaming up with your partner for a healthy diet and sports supplementation that optimizes it for your level of exercise is also a great idea.

This way, each day you can remind each other to take the supplement and ensure that your body can always enjoy its benefits.

A very suitable supplement is, for example, Orgono Sport Recovery, specifically studied for use in athletes and highly recommended for situations of stress and joint wear and tear.

In addition to contributing to increased strength, this supplement promotes muscle recovery and protects joints during sports practice.


Training as a couple will not only help both of you to be healthy and fit, but will also strengthen the couple’s bond and allow you to spend quality time together.

As you have seen, there are many exercises and variations that you can do with your partner.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what your starting level or previous experience is. It will always be possible to find or create a couple’s exercise routine that suits you.

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