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Oatmeal pancakes: quick and healthy recipe

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Oatmeal pancakes, delicious healthy pancakes – butter-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. The light and fluffy oat pancakes will leave you satisfied and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack, accompanied by your favourite sweet or savoury option. They are a healthy and digestive option that, together with a daily intake of necessary minerals and vitamins such as silicon, will help boost your immune response and improve your overall wellbeing.

The traditional batter is very simple and in this case we have adapted it to give you a healthy version that you can eat every day. These oatmeal pancakes take just 10 minutes to prepare and are great any time of the day – you won’t believe how good they taste and how healthy they are!

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Oatmeal pancakes: ingredients

This recipe requires only 4 ingredients and most of them are already in your kitchen.

  • 100g oat flakes: the best option is to choose gluten-free whole grain oat flakes, which contain 1150mg of silicon per 100g!
  • 1 cup (250ml) of unsweetened vegetable drink (soy, oat, almond, hazelnut…).
  • ½ fresh banana (50g): the riper the banana, the sweeter the crepes will be.
  • 1 Egg / 1 scoop vegan protein: (optional) adds quality protein to your oatmeal pancakes, plus it will help bind the pancakes together.
  • Cinnamon or vanilla (optional, to taste).
crepes de avena

How to make oatmeal pancakes: step by step

  1. Grind all the ingredients until there are no lumps. Leave the dough to rest for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Heat a non-stick frying pan for a couple of minutes. Grease with a little olive or coconut oil, spreading it well with a silicone brush or kitchen paper.
  3. Add the batter slowly (it can be done with a ladle or from the mixer) so that it does not spread too much and is shaped like a pancake.
  4. When bubbles appear, it’s time to turn the crepe over (it almost comes off by itself). Let it cook on the other side and that’s it.
  5. Do the same with the rest of the batter (grease the frying pan with a little oil each time to prevent sticking).
  6. Serve with your favourite toppings.


  • Medium fire.
  • We do not recommend changing the banana or using oat flour instead of flakes in this recipe.
  • Both the vegan protein (flavour of your choice) and the egg (depending on your preference) are optional but highly recommended, adding extra protein and giving it a special texture and flavour.

What toppings can I add to my oatmeal pancakes?

There are many different toppings you can put on top of these pancakes. Here we share a list to give you some ideas:

  1. Fresh berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.
  2. Fresh banana or apple slices.
  3. Rolled almonds and organic agave/maple/rice syrup.
  4. Cinnamon.
  5. Savoury version: avocado, tomato, fresh cheese and spinach.

Did you know that strawberries, apples and avocados are rich in silicon? This mineral stimulates the immune response, protects bones and joints, promotes cardiovascular health, prevents vitamin D deficiency, helps metabolise other minerals such as magnesium and calcium, helps prevent hair loss and preserves the shine, firmness and elasticity of the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles, flaccidity, cellulite and stretch marks.

oatmeal pancakes

Why you’ll love these oatmeal pancakes

  1. Only 100% natural ingredients: whole grain oat flakes, eggs, sugar-free vegetable drink… Suitable for everyone!
  2. Satiated for hours: they give you a boost of energy to start the day.
  3. They are delicious and very healthy! These oatmeal pancakes taste great and can be eaten every day as part of a healthy and balanced diet with hundreds of combinations.

If you accompany them with fruits and other ingredients rich in micronutrients, you will add extra benefits and properties to your diet. For example, we suggest a combination of macadamia nut cream and strawberries, which provide valuable nutrients and help to cleanse and tone the body.

Thanks to strawberries you will get folic acid (essential for pregnant women), vitamin C (did you know? Strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges, essential for growth and tissue repair, as well as a key element for iron absorption; and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine and silicon, a powerful antioxidant. Macadamia nuts are not far behind and complete this valuable cocktail of nutrients. They are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, essential for hormonal health, B vitamins and manganese.

Can I freeze these oatmeal pancakes?

These oatmeal pancakes freeze very well and are perfect for rushed mornings or snacks. They are also an ideal option when there are children at home, you can make more and freeze them in different zip bags to keep them in the freezer.

If you prefer, you can also store them in the fridge for 2 days in a tupperware container.

Oatmeal and banana pancakes

Oats: excellent nutritional properties that you should not miss out on

Oats are a cereal with countless health benefits. It provides you with an excellent amount of fibre, improves your digestive health, helps lower cholesterol, helps boost immunity and provides a significant amount of antioxidants necessary for disease prevention and delaying ageing.

Therefore, you need an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. There are natural supplements such as Silicium G7 Original Dynamised that are an extra help in your diet, providing all the benefits of organic silicon for your health and well-being, such as its ‘anti-aging’ effect that contributes to the delay of ageing, keeping your skin young, your nails healthy and your hair strong, or notably improving the health of your bones, muscles and joints.

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