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Crow’s feet in young people: what they indicate and how to reduce them.

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The skin around the eyes is one of the first areas of the face to develop fine lines, wrinkles and creases as we get older. That doesn’t mean it’s hard to find crow’s feet in young people.

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The skin in this area is especially susceptible to ageing because it is thin and weak. Crow’s feet are one of the first signs that appear because there is no fatty tissue around the eyes and this makes the skin more prone to ageing.

Unfortunately, wrinkles and ageing are a natural part of life that cannot be avoided, but can be delayed. Paying attention to liver health, lifestyle and making wise choices when choosing care products (only with natural ingredients) contribute to this goal.

 What are crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet are one of the first signs of ageing that appear on the face. They can appear from your twenties to any age, with new lines being added throughout your life.

Crow’s feet are considered to be one of the first signs of ageing. They appear before other signs such as sagging skin, dullness and other wrinkles.

There are 2 types of crow’s feet: static and dynamic. Dynamic crow’s feet lines appear during muscle movements that occur when making facial expressions, frowning or smiling. Unlike these, static crow’s feet lines are always visible, regardless of the muscle movements in the face.

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Why do young people get crow’s feet?

General causes of crow’s feet


Like other signs of ageing, crow’s feet occur due to a decrease in the production of proteins essential for firm skin, such as collagen and elastin. The process of skin cell regeneration also slows down as you age.


Repetitive movements involved in different facial expressions, squinting, smiling or frowning can cause crow’s feet. These actions tighten the skin and facial muscles, encouraging the formation of creases that eventually fade.


Hormonal changes, such as menopause, can accelerate skin ageing. During menopause, oestrogen levels decrease, which drives the ageing process. Estrogen regulates hydration levels and collagen production.


Sun exposure contributes significantly to the formation of crow’s feet in young and old. Sunlight damage breaks down collagen and elastin.


Smoking will cause wrinkles in this area to appear faster as the skin is deprived of oxygen, which causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin, essential to preserve its regenerative process.

Causes of premature appearance of crow’s feet

Some people don’t realise that the skin is the closest thing to an extension of the liver and is therefore considered a backup detoxification organ that provides signals when the liver is not functioning properly.

Blood nourishes the skin and the liver filters the blood. But when the blood is not filtered properly, inflammation of the skin occurs. This leads to problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and wrinkles.

A healthy liver cleanses the blood and provides nutrients to skin cells. But a liver that does not function properly, or functions at a slow rate, produces blood that may contain pollutants such as pathogens, bacteria and toxins and is deficient in nutrients. The impact of this can affect the whole body.

We live surrounded by toxins, so it is difficult to prevent the liver from being overloaded. Pesticides in our food, heavy metals, chemicals contained in some hygiene products and cosmetics, pollutants in water, air, etc. make our liver work hard. Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria also overload the liver.

An unhealthy lifestyle, with plenty of processed foods, sugar and excess alcohol, further impairs liver function. So do dehydration and stress (which releases high levels of cortisol).

How to prevent crow’s feet in young people?

Although it is not possible to prevent 100% the formation of wrinkles in this area, there are ways to prevent crow’s feet in young people and the premature appearance of skin problems. Among the habits that should be incorporated into our lifestyle to achieve this goal are the following:

– Avoid unprotected sun exposure (applicable all year round).

– Quit smoking and do not drink alcohol.

– Get the sleep your body needs and follow a routine schedule.

– Drink plenty of fluids, preferably tea and water to maintain hydration.

– Use care and hygiene products based on natural ingredients.

– Wear sunglasses on sunny days.

– Doing meditation or yoga, any habit that helps to manage stress and keep it out of our lives.

– Watching your diet to protect liver health.

Crow’s feet and other wrinkles: how to get rid of them naturally

Want younger, more youthful looking skin? Put your liver at the centre of your anti-ageing plan and commit to healthy choices, such as:

1. More vegetables in your diet. Especially cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, rocket and radishes. These contain enzymatic compounds (such as glucoraphanin or myrosinase) that support detoxification,

2.       Put foods high in sulphur on your plate, because it helps increase collagen levels. This serves to repair the damage caused to the skin by toxins. Examples of rich foods are onions, garlic and egg yolk. Sulphur also has detoxifying properties that support liver function.

3.       Keep antioxidant-rich foods on your table. Fruits such as berries, mushrooms, cocoa and tonic herbs such as ginseng and liquorice help reduce oxidative stress and systemic inflammation. And, to ensure your body gets the dose it needs every day, don’t miss out on supplements, such as G7 Beauty, which contains selenium and vitamin E, as well as enriched organic silica.

4.       Limit consumption of meat and dairy products. Hormones and antibiotics in meat harm our bodies and disrupt the balance of the endocrine system. Both are difficult to digest. Meat can remain in your intestines for a long time and causes bacterial overgrowth. Instead, it is preferable to prioritise vegetables, a decision that improves digestion. Phytonutrients provide health and anti-ageing properties, while raw nuts and seeds nourish thanks to their high content of healthy fats.

5.       Exercise regularly. Movement helps with digestion and elimination, as well as regulating hormones such as cortisol, whose levels rise when we are stressed. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, which facilitates a more youthful appearance. It also activates the lymphatic system, eliminating swelling and toxins.

Taking care of your liver (and with it the health of the whole organism) from the inside will give you a lot to gain and, to achieve even better results, do not forget to choose only products with natural ingredients for your daily hygiene and care routine, such as Silicium G7 Original, Silicium Serum and Essential Elixir, for their beneficial contribution to the skin of the face in the short and long term; the perfect solution for to prevent crow’s feet in young people and improve the appearance of mature skin.

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