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Limpieza facial diaria: pasos

Daily facial cleansing: steps, successes and 4 mistakes to avoid

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Have you managed to find the time to do a daily facial cleansing?

Even skin without make-up should never be deprived of this essential step in many beauty and skincare routines. Natural cleansing products combined with water on the face remove bacteria, pollutants and unwanted debris from our body’s largest organ.

Daily facial cleansing removes excess oil, pollutants and dirt particles that have been deposited on the skin in the previous hours. This is why it is considered the first step in any skincare routine and is so highly recommended. Those who want to combat dehydration and ageing and take care of the appearance of their face, while keeping it healthy, do not do without this routine.

Recent studies show that elements present in topical products can pass into the bloodstream through the skin, contaminating our bodies. This is why it is so important to choose natural skincare products.

Mistakes to avoid in your daily facial cleansing

Getting your facial cleansing routine right is very important, but so is knowing what NOT to do. Washing your face is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Poor choices in terms of cleansing method or the ingredients of the products you use could damage the epidermis, causing the opposite effect to the one you want to achieve.

The facial cleansing ritual should be carried out according to a well-planned routine, taking into account the avoidance of mistakes, at least in terms of:

  1. Water temperature.
  2. Cleaning techniques.
  3. Frequency.
  4. Products used.

Water temperature in daily facial cleansing

Although we often associate a few degrees too much water with more effective washing, this is not the case when water comes into contact with the skin. The high temperature leads to increased dryness which, when it appears suddenly, causes an overproduction of sebum, as well as worsening problems related to acne or rosacea. The result is an oily and unhealthy appearance on the face.

Coldwater, on the other hand, minimizes these drawbacks, helping to achieve a more even-looking skin. The reason for this is that these lower degrees prevent pores from opening and reduce inflammation, improving the appearance of the face instantly.

daily facial cleansing

Daily facial cleansing techniques

The movements we make with our hands during this cleansing ritual can help to promote circulation in the area and reduce fine lines if done correctly.

Before starting the facial cleansing massage process, hands should be carefully washed to avoid introducing bacteria into the area.

A massage applied with circular movements, from the inside to the outside of the face, firmly but without excessive pressure, will help in the application of the chosen products and will favour the cleansing of the skin. Sponges specifically for the face can be used, as long as they are kept properly disinfected and replaced frequently.

After rinsing, gentle pat drying, without rubbing, will respect the proteins and fatty acids that protect the skin from irritation.

Daily facial cleansing: ideal frequency

Daily facial cleansing is a prerequisite for keeping facial skin healthy and looking good. However, washing once a day is not enough.

Consistency is key to seeing results and is therefore recommended:

– Morning cleansing: helps the face to wake up, reducing inflammation that may have occurred during the hours of sleep. In some skins, it is essential to remove excess oil produced during the night, as well as any residue that may remain from face care products applied before going to bed.

– Night Cleansing: serves to remove dirt and pollutants that accumulate on the skin during the day. The result is younger, healthier skin. This routine favours the penetration of the products used for facial care.


Choice of products for daily facial cleansing

There are different products for each skin type and it is not possible to generalize, each one works best to meet certain needs or solve specific problems (dry skin, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin…).

It should be noted that the products used should remove any dirt that may have been deposited on the face, but without stripping it of its natural oils.

It is essential to choose those that include natural ingredients. This is the safest way to protect this organ and delay the visible signs of ageing.

It is also important to remember that, once the skin has been cleansed and dried, it is a good idea to apply a serum or moisturizer, best if it is natural and contains Silicon, within 60 seconds to retain the hydration the skin received from the water before it begins to evaporate. This will optimize skin regeneration and prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Daily facial cleansing step by step

Everyone cleanses their face differently every day. This is logical, especially if we take into account that we do not all have the same amount of time, nor do we all have the same skin. In any case, the basic steps to follow are:

1. Refresh the face with water, in a first contact that covers the entire surface, remembering to maintain the appropriate temperature, preferably cold.

2.       Apply the cleanser with the fingertips, using circular movements, from the centre of the face outwards with some firmness.

3.       Rinse face to remove lather and debris.

4.       Gently pat the face dry, without rubbing.

5.       Apply a care product that helps to maintain the skin’s optimal moisture and hydration levels, such as a cream that includes silica and rosehip.

CTA Rosa Mosqueta EN
Silicium Rose Musquée

It is important to avoid washing your face more than twice a day and not to use multi-purpose wipes as a substitute for specific products. Such products can irritate the skin, do not cleanse effectively and dry out the epidermis, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your skin is exposed to throughout the day?

From make-up and sweat to environmental particles, your face faces a multitude of external aggressors. Starting today, make sure your skincare routine includes a daily facial cleansing routine in which you apply the best natural products. This will keep you looking healthier and younger, multiplying the beneficial effects of serums, creams and treatments, which increase their effectiveness thanks to better absorption.

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