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piel con celulitis

Diet to eliminate cellulite and enjoy healthy skin

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When we talk about fighting cellulite, the usual things that come to mind are the practice of sports, the application of anti-cellulite creams and even drainage massages.

However, there is something that we do not usually keep in mind and that has a huge impact on the appearance of the skin, the occurrence of this problem and its severity.

We are referring to diet. To eliminate cellulite, as well as to prevent it, we must also pay close attention to what we eat. Here are all the details.

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What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an aesthetic alteration of the skin surface characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue in the form of nodules.

As these fat accumulations develop, dimpling also occurs, giving the skin a rough or irregular appearance. This appearance is popularly known as orange peel skin.

Cellulite is usually located on the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen and is more common in women than in men.


In fact, it affects between 85% and 98% of women, in whom it usually appears after puberty.

Although it cannot be considered a disease or pathology, in cases of severe cellulitis this cutaneous alteration can cause some pain, especially when the affected area is pressed.

In addition, it is important to note that it is not necessary to be overweight or obese for cellulite to appear.

Why does cellulite appear?

There is no single cause or specific reason why cellulite appears, but rather it is a multifactorial problem.

The different factors that influence the appearance of cellulite are very varied.

One of the most important is the hereditary factor or genetic predisposition. That is, some people are more prone to accumulate fat in certain areas of the body.

Another key factor, especially in women, is hormonal, which favors fluid retention and the formation of fat accumulation.

There is little we can do against our genetics and hormones to avoid 100% the appearance of cellulite.

These are examples of what are called non-modifiable factors. That is, things beyond our control.

However, the appearance and severity of cellulite also depends on modifiable factors.

This means that there are aspects that we can control, to a greater or lesser extent, to prevent them from favoring the appearance of cellulite or aggravating the effect of non-modifiable factors. 

One of those factors that we can modify or control, and that is also key to avoid and eliminate cellulite, is diet.

Diet to eliminate cellulite

Eating a healthy, balanced and varied diet is essential to maintain a good general state of health. This includes the appearance and condition of the skin.

However, if we talk about a diet to eliminate cellulite, as well as to prevent it from appearing or to prevent it from getting worse if it is already present; it is convenient to take into account some particularities about certain foods.

First of all, to fight cellulite we will need to follow a balanced diet with plenty of purifying fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, apple, zucchini, onion or asparagus.

Since these are foods with a certain diuretic effect, they will help us to prevent and improve fluid retention.

For this it will also be important not to add more salt than necessary to the dishes and foods we are going to eat.

In addition to the consumption of diuretic foods, a diet to eliminate cellulite must provide us with enough vitamin C.

The reason is that, among other things, this vitamin has antioxidant properties that help keep the skin firm and elastic.

Broccoli, papaya, peppers or kiwi are some examples of foods rich in vitamin C.

It is worth mentioning that, although carbohydrates are necessary for a complete and balanced diet, they should not be abused if we intend to fight cellulite.

The reason is that diets rich in carbohydrates can aggravate the situation because they favor lipogenesis; that is, the formation of adipocytes or fat cells.

Therefore, we must focus on achieving proper nutrition with a low consumption of refined carbohydrates.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Although it is not a nutrient or food as such, a diet to eliminate cellulite is not complete if it is not accompanied by adequate hydration.

It is necessary to drink enough water, paying special attention to fluid replenishment in situations that favor dehydration. For example, when doing physical exercise, during hot summer days, if we take a sauna, etc.

To ensure optimal hydration, we can supplement water consumption with juices, infusions, broths and the like.

Enhancing the effect of diet on cellulite

As we have seen, maintaining a proper diet is essential to minimize the likelihood of suffering from cellulite or to prevent the problem from worsening.

In other words, diet is an essential pillar in dealing with this skin condition.

However, by adopting some additional measures we can enhance the beneficial effects of a healthy, balanced diet with cellulite-fighting foods and nutrients.

One of the most important measures is the practice of regular physical exercise, which will help us to maintain a toned, oxygenated and, ultimately, much more beautiful and healthy skin.


Of course, regular sport will also bring us many other positive health effects, so we should never do without it.

In addition to sport, using a suitable anti-cellulite cream will be of great help in preventing, reducing or eliminating cellulite.

G7 Lipo Reduct+ is a great option in gel format composed of organic silica and effective active ingredients exclusively of vegetable origin.

This anti-cellulite is able to act against localized fat by reducing the rough texture characteristic of cellulite or orange peel skin.       

Consequently, it favors an improvement in the appearance of the skin, in addition to maintaining, improving or restoring its elasticity and reducing its thickness.

In short, if we want a skin without cellulite or with the best possible appearance, it will be important to follow a healthy diet, stay active and provide our skin with all the care it requires.

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