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Frown lines between the eyebrows: how to get rid of them

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If removing frown lines between the eyebrows is your goal, you’ve come to the right place. As you know, their appearance is usually related to the skin’s ageing process. And it is true that age is one of the causes of their appearance, in addition to others, such as exposure to the sun without adequate protection. However, there are other factors that increase the likelihood of someone developing these expression lines.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been revealing aspects of a person’s health for centuries without the need for a single laboratory test. The knowledge used for an examination by practitioners in this speciality is based on facial observation, which is a crucial tool for assessing the state of health of the liver.

Visual diagnosis is a highly reliable practice for discovering a person’s strengths and weaknesses, and the face is the most revealing part of the body. It provides information about the internal organ systems and can reveal several secrets about the health of a person’s liver. Did you ever think that wrinkles between the eyebrows could be caused by bad habits affecting this organ?

Why do wrinkles appear between the eyebrows?

Wrinkles between the eyebrows are medically known as glabellar lines. They are the two vertical lines that appear right in the middle of the face, at the level of the eyebrows.


One of the causes of wrinkles becoming evident is years of muscle movement. This type of wrinkle is called a dynamic wrinkle because it can be caused by muscle contractions.

Other factors such as pollution or sun exposure can also contribute to collagen loss and elastin deterioration. The same applies to stress and certain habits. In all cases the result is more pronounced expression lines and more evident wrinkles.

Profile: who gets wrinkles between the eyebrows?

Frown lines can appear in the early twenties and deepen with age. People who work outdoors, use screens, are under stress, smoke, drink alcohol or are very expressive are more likely to encounter frown lines prematurely.

Habits that promote the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows

Repetitive muscle movements (squinting and frowning) are one of the causative agents, although not the only ones. To minimise their consequences, it is advisable to go outside wearing sunglasses and a cap or visor, to use reading glasses instead of straining your eyes and to minimise the time you are exposed to screens.

Harmful habits such as using care and hygiene products containing chemicals, going to bed without removing make-up or using water that is too hot to wash or rinse the face, being under stress or getting less sleep than necessary all serve to worsen the condition of wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Diet that harms the appearance of glabellar lines

Alcohol, processed products, excess saturated fats and sugars or alcohol consumption are contraindicated for those who want a wrinkle-free face in this area.

In addition to this, it is advisable to eat a balanced and healthy diet to avoid sudden changes in weight, as this could increase the sagging of the skin all over the body, worsening the problem of wrinkles.

Can wrinkles between the eyebrows be prevented and removed?

Yes, it is possible. In order to delay its onset, emphasis should be placed on:

– Give the body the nutrients it needs. Antioxidants are key and can be found in foods containing vitamin C and Silica. Both are powerful antioxidants and help protect the skin from free radical damage. As well as reducing the signs of ageing by making lines less noticeable, they make the skin look smoother and softer overall.

– Moisturise. Wrinkles are more pronounced when the skin lacks moisture. This is provided orally and topically. It is crucial to ensure that adequate levels are maintained after exposure to the sun or after sporting activity.

– Do not forget the sunscreen. Its function is to limit damage to the cells that produce collagen and elastin. It should be applied when the sun is shining and also when it is cloudy, in winter and in summer, always choosing natural formulas.

– Wear sunglasses. Common sense confirms that this accessory will help us to squint less, thus avoiding one of the mechanical causes of wrinkles in this area.

– Reduce stress as much as possible, as it can raise cortisol levels, which causes inflammation and, in turn, damages collagen.

– Avoid smoking. Not only not smoking cigarettes (a habit that inhibits the body’s natural repair process, which hinders the production of collagen and elastin), but also staying away from smoke and pollution.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows: how to get rid of them naturally

There are several very effective ways to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows. These include the following:

– Massage, applied with sufficient but not excessive pressure and constantly. It is most practical to incorporate it into the hydration and nutrition routines, morning and night.

– Exercise. Facial gymnastics ensures good results. The first step is to create a personalised exercise plan and the next and most important step is to commit to doing it every day. A very effective one is to hold each eyebrow with one hand and force it towards the outside of the face and, at the same time, try to frown. Another one that also works is to hold your forehead with your hands, one on each side until you reach the centre, and try to raise your eyebrows by opening your eyes as wide as possible and pressing upwards with the muscles that would normally raise them.

– Application of natural cosmetics, such as Silicium Rosa Mosqueta, moisturising and highly effective in slowing down the deterioration of the skin with age thanks to silica; Silicium Sérum and elixir, with a lifting effect, for firmer and more rested skin or Gel G5, which in addition to organic silica provides vitamin E.

Tips for a younger, more radiant face

One of the guidelines for maintaining the youthful appearance of the face is to choose care products, always with natural ingredients. It is worth remembering that the body is nourished by food and also topically; so a healthy diet, ensuring the optimal supply of nutrients with supplementation, something you get with G7 Beauty; and consistency in habits that benefit the skin such as those mentioned (avoiding habits that harm it) are the two pillars of any effective maintenance routine in the long term and ensure prevent and eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows.

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