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G7 BEAUTY, Skin Hair and Nails

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G7 Beauty contains elements that take care of the skin and exert a powerful antiaging effect by providing concentrated nutrients that are scarce in our diet. Silicium España offers a novel organic silicon in tablet form enriched with selenium and vitamin E that ensures the optimal maintenance of skin, hair and nails. The combined synergy of these minerals and vitamins make G7 Beauty a unique nutritional supplement to

• Act as a powerful antioxidant.

• Reduce the aging of the skin.

• Preserve and provide elasticity to tissues.

• Reduce stretch marks and sagging.

• Strengthen hair and nails.

• Reduce wrinkles.

The silicon present in G7 Beauty is an enhancing element that will maintain youthful skin.  It has been developed by a team of scientists who have managed to stabilise the silicon molecule that is otherwise inherently volatile by nature.

Organic silicon helps to stimulate collagen and elastin, providing a more consistent connective tissue and helping to eliminate sagging skin, as well as strengthening hair and nails.

Selenium and vitamin E are vital nutrients that protect us against free radicals, contributing to the protection of cells against oxidative damage, and so retarding aging.

As shown by two important studies, the new organic silicon has a much higher assimilation rate and stability than other forms, which makes G7 Beauty a ground-breaking formula.

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