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Habits for a more balanced day according to Andrew Huberman:

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For those seeking not only a more balanced routine, but also to enhance their well-being on a deeper level, neuroscientist Andrew Huberman offers valuable suggestions. Let’s explore in a practical way how to adjust our circadian clocks and improve key aspects of our daily lives.

Adjusting the Daily Rhythm.

According to Huberman, it is essential to get natural light soon after waking up to regulate our cells’ circadian clocks. Whether sunny or cloudy, turning on bright lights upon waking and exposing ourselves to the sun for 5-10 minutes without glasses activates natural processes that benefit our day. But what if we could boost these processes?

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The incorporation of supplements such as organic silicon can be a valuable ally. This essential mineral for the human body can help strengthen the structure of our cells, improving their ability to respond to signals from sunlight. Cellular integrity may be key to optimising the benefits of morning sun exposure.

What role does our skin play?

Discover the surprising connection between skin and dopamine. Exposure to sunlight in the morning is not only to warm up your skin, but also to improve your mood. How much time do you need in the sun? According to Huberman, 30 minutes in the morning in winter and 10 minutes in summer is enough.

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Improve Your Morning: Expanded Strategies for a Productive Day:

Although many people rely on coffee to wake them up, Huberman suggests waiting 90 minutes after waking before drinking it. Why? Caffeine affects adenosine, the sleep molecule. In addition, early exercise helps eliminate the remaining adenosine, preventing a drop in energy and motivation in the morning. Integrating dietary supplements may support the overall health of our cells and optimise the benefits of morning exercise.

Cold Baths: A Touch of Awakening and Relaxation

According to studies, cold water baths can trigger the release of adrenaline and dopamine, providing a boost of energy and mood enhancement. This method, supported by Huberman, is based on the idea of manipulating body temperature to wake us up in the morning and relax us at night. By complementing this approach with organic silicon supplements, we could boost the cellular response to heat stress and further improve our well-being.

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Dopamine, Temperature, Attitude, and Silicon: Creating Integral Positive Change

In short, dopamine plays a key role in our well-being, and adjusting our morning routine can be key to creating positive change in our day-to-day lives. By integrating dietary supplements, we are not only adjusting our daily routines, but also strengthening the cellular basis for optimising our relationship with light, temperature and our own hormones. By following Andrew Huberman’s suggestions, we can empower our quest for more balanced and healthier days.

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