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acupuntura para la fertilidad ejemplo agujas en torso de una mujer

How acupuncture helps fertility: key features and benefits

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Some scientific trials have revealed the effectiveness of acupuncture on fertility, especially in women. Despite this, this technique still raises some doubts about whether or not it is useful for this problem. What is clear is that it has numerous benefits. Especially useful in cases of functional sterility.

In this sense, it can help us with natural pregnancies and assisted reproduction. Specialised clinics have proven that the therapy increases the success rate in both cases. Here, we explain what it consists of and how to apply it to the objective we are looking for.

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What is acupuncture?

It comes from ancient oriental medicine, specifically Chinese medicine, and focuses on the circulation of vital energy, known as chi, which flows through the so-called meridian channels. By applying fine needles to certain parts of the body, these accumulations of energy are eliminated.

And why is acupuncture for fertility positive? Because it improves the energetic flow and the blood circulation. In the pelvic area, the reproductive organs benefit in this way.

The treatment sessions last about 45 minutes each. Between five and ten sterilised needles are inserted. After half an hour, the needles are inserted superficially into the skin and then removed. The technique causes hardly any discomfort.

acupuncture fertility in a woman's legs

Where are acupuncture needles for fertility placed?

The acupuncturist inserts painless, disposable needles into specific areas of the body. Depending on the ailment to be treated, they are placed at different points. In acupuncture for fertility, specifically, they are applied to the feet, hands, legs, and abdomen. The reason is that they are associated with the reproductive organs and the endocrine system.

Each patient needs a different frequency and duration of sessions to obtain noticeable results. Acupuncture for fertility is recommended for couples who have repeated implantation failures, repeated miscarriages, or hormonal imbalances. Or sterility of unknown origin or even poor semen quality.

Benefits of acupuncture for female fertility

  • Release of endorphins, which produces relaxation and reduces both anxiety and stress. Both levels can be elevated because of not being able to get pregnant. Creating a calmer environment helps to achieve pregnancy.
  • Increased blood circulation in the pelvic area, especially in the uterus and ovaries, allowing more nutrients to reach these organs.
  • Thickening of the endometrium: improves the receptivity of the embryo to make implantation easier.
  • Regulation of the hormonal system increases follicle production and balanced follicle growth.
  • Reduction of contractions of the uterus to prevent problems that may arise during embryo implantation.
  • Mitigation of period pain. In some cases, it may even disappear.
  • Reduction or elimination of cysts, myomas and smaller polyps.
  • Fewer side effects of hormone medication, such as swelling of the abdomen or headache.
acupuncture for fertility needles stuck in men's feet

Also, for men

For male fertility, acupuncture also improves sperm quality and quantity by increasing blood flow to the testicular area. It also benefits sperm concentration and motility, which is important for a better chance of pregnancy.

In short, these are the benefits of acupuncture for the fertility of both women and men. If you want to undergo acupuncture, put your trust in professional hands, as it is essential that you insert the needles in the right points. Otherwise, the therapy will not be effective. We also remind you that this is a safe technique with no serious side effects, but it is complementary to other medical advice that you can follow to combat infertility.

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