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How can we improve the quality of life in infantile autism?

How can we improve the quality of life in infantile autism?

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Most babies, around 18 months, have social skills very recognisable to their environment. For example, they are looking at you when you say their name, pointing to objects they want, repeating words or sounds, imitating adults in their play and claiming their parents’ company all the time.

Most of them.

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Because many babies are not going to have this development that we all know as “normal”, One baby in every 700 to 1000 in the world will suffer a developmental disability that will cause social, behavioural and communication problems. And they will last a lifetime.

This developmental disability is known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and its origin lies in differences in the brain.

What is ASD in children?

Although ASD is often diagnosed early, before the age of 3, it is still impossible to prevent it, as the causes of these differences in the brain as a whole are not known. Scientists know that it may be due to genetic or environmental factors or rather the sum of some of them.

Parents of children diagnosed with ASD have faced an unknown world that cannot be prevented and where medicine can only partially help. Fortunately, although no medicines cure ASD, some medications can combat some symptoms.

We know that the main problems resulting from ASD are behavioural and social, and we also know that children with ASD will have it throughout their lives.

Natural remedies for the well-being of people with autism

What can we do for the daily well-being of these people and make this neurological condition more bearable?

When we encounter limitations in medication, people always turn to therapy and natural remedies. Alternative therapy is an excellent source of improvement in these disorders and many aspects of people’s lives.

Regarding natural remedies, we talk about nutrients to strengthen and dietary supplements, which help to improve the regeneration of brain cells, strengthen the organism, etc. For example, we talk about omega 3, coenzyme q10. There are others focused on eliminating toxins, such as chlorella or silica.

We will now look at the factors involved to find out which is the best supplementation to improve the quality of life of these people.

Some recognisable factors include: the advanced age of the parents at conception and some maternal illnesses during pregnancy; extreme prematurity or birth difficulties; and exposure to high levels of pesticides and air pollution. According to recent studies published in scientific journals, there is a very significant correlation between exposure to aluminium and the rate of ASD in young children. And aluminium is nowadays widely present in the diet and increasingly also in vaccines, which contain it as an adjuvant, to stimulate the immune response,

Fortunately, the market offers supplements that help us eliminate aluminium from our bodies. It is difficult to give up some foods containing this metal, as it is difficult to give up vaccines.

Organic silica is a trace element that occurs naturally in the earth, which is taken frequently and in the correct dosage, helping to eliminate aluminium and other heavy metals from the body.

Alternative medicine for autism

Among Silicium’s range of G7 products, you will find G7 Siliplant, which provides the recommended daily dose of silicon to eliminate heavy metals from your body, as well as many other benefits.

How should it be taken? By taking a dose of 15 ml twice a day, 10 to 15 minutes before meals and before any medication.

G7 Siliplant does not present any contraindications for other drugs or any side effects that may influence the consumer.

On the other hand, we have G7 Neurohealth. This product in tablet form combats the harmful effects of aluminium as it accumulates in the tissues and is deposited in the brain, directly attacking our neurons. It also contains Biotin, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function, thus combating possible neurodegenerative diseases, to which aluminium intake has been clearly linked.

How to add it to your routine? By taking two capsules a day, before your meals. This dose will be more than enough to start noticing benefits in your body.

It is clear that ethical medicine and honest scientists are working to help us live longer and better, and there have been many advances in this field. However, sometimes products are put on the market that is not so safe, and the problem is that it takes a long time to withdraw them as soon as issues are detected.

This reason is why we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to improve our well-being by incorporating healthy habits to live better, such as an increasingly natural diet, the practice of sport or dietary supplementation. Because if, as well as overcoming illnesses, we can live better with natural remedies, well done!

Organic silica is a supplement that can help you achieve the well-being you are looking for in your daily life.

If you want to know all the benefits of organic silica, you have more information!

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