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How to get rid of cellulite in the legs?

How to get rid of cellulite in the legs?

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The three keys that every woman needs to know to end LEG and gluteus cellulite

Cellulite is more common than we think and is not necessarily associated with excess weight, but rather with toxins accumulation. Specifically, cellulite affects more women than men. Generally, up to 90% of them will find themselves at some point in their lives with what is also called orange peel. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of cellulite on your legs.

One of the main reasons for their appearance is the passage of time, especially when the hormonal activity is more changeable during pregnancy or menopause.

Three tricks to fight cellulite

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, we have to warn you that it’s a complicated task, but if you follow our tricks to fight cellulite, you’re going to get your skin looking much firmer. Perfect for wearing your best bikini this summer! 

1. Food to combat cellulite

The older the body and tissues get, the higher the loss of elasticity. The passage of time will also influence the performance of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Although it can also have a hereditary component, taking the right measures against cellulite with a healthy and balanced lifestyle helps to avoid excessive fat accumulation. 

We recommend that you incorporate fruits and vegetables in your anti-cellulite diet, as well as fish rich in Omega 3 and a lot of fiber.

2. Exercises to reduce cellulite

Physical exercise is the great ally for releasing toxins, drinking lots of water, and toning up the areas most prone to developing orange peel, such as the thighs, the abdominal areas, the knees, or the ankles.

To start with, we recommend a light-paced walk for a minimum of 45 minutes, if not every day, at least four days a week. Besides, there are also specific exercises to combat cellulite, such as squats or burpees.

3. Cellulite treatments

Surely you have ever wondered if anti-cellulite creams are active; yes, without a doubt! But, as in everything, it is essential to choose well. There are treatments on the market today that work well. Before getting hold of any of them, make sure that the different components present in the formula are correctly associated with each other to be able to eliminate cellulite.

In this sense, organic silicon is one of the few effective active ingredients against cellulite, since it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It promotes skin regeneration and detoxifies the tissues.

With G7 Lipo Reduct silica anti-cellulite gel, you will achieve smoother and softer skin. It improves elasticity and reduces skin roughness, i.e., orange peel skin; by reducing the thickness and volume of the skin, it reduces up to 1 cm! And what’s better, with 24h effect. Do you dare to try it? Clinically tested, you don’t need more to eliminate cellulite effectively!

Thermoactive anti-cellulite cream with Yerba mate, ivy and Fucus emulsified in a base of organic silica concentrate

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