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How to grow strong and beautiful nails

How to grow strong and beautiful nails

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Beautiful, manicured hands make a good impression on others. However, it is not easy to make them look that way if your nails are brittle and dull. Is this the case for you? Do you not have the strong nails of your dreams?

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If so, read on to discover why this is happening to you and what you can do about it. You will have the opportunity to get the manicure you want and fill your hands with beautiful rings that will attract attention.

Today we tell you…

– Why do your nails get damaged and split?

– Tips for strong and beautiful nails

– Make the most of organic silica

Why do your nails get damaged and break?

The truth is that there are different reasons why nails do not grow strongly. And you must know these reasons to attack the problem at its source.

Some of the things you should avoid so that they grow and stay healthy, involve activities and habits such as those specified below:

– Eating a diet low in vitamins.

– Working in the garden without the use of appropriate gloves.

– Using detergents or cleaning products without gloves.

– Biting your nails.

– Infections such as fungus.

– Neglecting hand and nail hygiene.

– Not consuming enough minerals.

Tips for strong and beautiful nails

Maybe you’ve found that after taking care of your nails and waiting for them to grow out, they simply break.

That’s certainly frustrating when you’re looking for strong, beautiful nails. Fortunately, there are suggestions to help you counteract this problem.

1. Regular manicure

Even if you don’t have the nails you want, find a way to get a regular manicure. Whether you do it yourself, a professional or a friend. If you do it yourself, apply a hardener to your nails only once a week.

However, if you want them to overgrow, use nutritious nail polish for 15 days, once a night. Another essential aspect to consider is to always file your nails in one direction only.

This will prevent weakening of the tips and easy breakage from an incident.

To prevent this at all costs, take a file with you when you leave the house. If one accidentally gets caught, you’ll be able to fix it quickly, so it doesn’t break off and hurt.

2. Take care of your cuticles

Cuticles create a barrier on your nails that naturally protects them against fungus and bacteria. That’s why you should also take care of them and avoid cutting them as much as possible when giving your nails a manicure. Cutting cuticles too much will only make them more rigid and thicker.

If you dislike how your cuticles look, try to minimise them by using a smooth wooden stick.

Before gently pushing them back, dampen them with a little warm water to make the task easier. Also, consider using some special cuticle oil.

Although baby oil can also be used for cuticles. By doing this, your cuticles will stay soft, and you will have a nice texture on your strong nails.

3. Don’t overuse nail polish

While it’s good to have a manicure, it’s not advisable to keep your nails painted all the time. Nail polishes are made with ingredients that can damage your nails if you use them so much.

In fact, if you abuse them, your nails will start to look yellowish and become weaker. Therefore, get into the habit of painting them only once a week, to let them rest.

Another critical point is that it is best not to use acetones that are too strong.

To use the polish again and cover your nails, allow at least 3 days to pass. Remember that cheap nail polishes are more harmful because they permanently stain the deep layers.

For that reason, it is always preferable to opt for higher quality products.


4. Drink more water and watch your diet

Drinking water is among the most frequently given recommendations and one of the easiest to comply with. Apart from hydrating your body in general, this valuable liquid is suitable for your nails.

The same goes for herbal teas, such as tea, when drunk every day. Similarly, proper nutrition plays an incidental role in the growth and strength of your nails.

So introduce zinc, selenium, silica, L-cystine, vitamin D and protein into your diet through different foods.

There are also shakes, dairy, lean meat and dietary supplements that you can take advantage of.

Always keep in mind that by being in excellent condition internally, you will reflect natural well-being on the outside.

5. Make the most of organic silica

Several studies have shown how organic silica is related to healthy nails. After a certain age, assimilating this compound through food becomes very difficult.

For this reason, alternative ways of increasing its levels in the body have been developed to make it optimal. G7 Siliplant is one of the products with a formula that benefits collagen formation and the elimination of toxins.

In addition, organic silica repairs your brittle nails, strengthening them and making them grow. It does the same for your hair, regenerating it and making it look healthier.

6. Improve your circulation

The circulation through the blood flow to your fingers contributes to healthy nails. This allows them to grow faster and more robust.

So look for activities that involve using your hands and continuously circulating blood through your fingers.

For example, playing the piano, typing on the keyboard or filing documents. While doing these, be very careful not to apply excessive pressure with your fingernails.

Also, do not try to scrape, remove debris or use them like spatulas.

Another measure that is within your reach, if it is cold, is to wear gloves that keep your hands warm. This has a favourable effect on blood flow and the stimulation of the growth of strong nails.

7. Use natural remedies

Apart from the trusted products, natural cosmetic remedies could help your nails, depending on their problem.

For example, if your nails are weak or brittle, apply to them the next mixture: one egg yolk with one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of water and 5 drops of orange oil. And wait for 10 minutes.

If you have stained nails, apply a mixture containing a spoonful of baking soda with lemon juice.

The juice contained in the lemon serves as a natural lightener, while the baking soda is an exfoliant. So, by combining these 2 ingredients, you will get an ideal mask for your nails.

By following all these suggestions, you will soon notice the positive effects and want to show off your strong nails.

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