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How to improve physical endurance: activities and general guidelines

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Wondering how to improve your endurance? In this article, we tell you which activities can help you improve your endurance, whether you start from scratch or work out regularly.

First, however, let’s discuss what endurance is to understand its importance in sports and health.

What do we mean by physical endurance?

Physical endurance is our body’s capacity for endurance, which allows us to maintain a certain intensity of effort for as long as possible.

Our endurance also depends on our ability to recover quickly after a relatively prolonged effort. As you can imagine, endurance is fundamental to any sporting activity. It is closely related to long-duration activities but also to strength and speed activities.

Moreover, physical endurance is not only crucial in exercise and sports training. It is a total physical capacity, as it is what enables us to withstand the stresses of daily activity.

Proper endurance requires adequate aerobic capacity and cardiovascular performance. For example, good cardiovascular endurance means better endurance capacity and will allow us to exercise longer with less exhaustion or fatigue.

Although some people naturally have greater endurance, the good news is that this is a capacity we can work on and develop by doing different physical exercises.

How do improve physical endurance?

Physical endurance can be developed and improved in various ways or methods. Generally speaking, the activities that will help us to improve this ability are:

  • Aerobic activities allow us to increase our heart and breathing rate.
  • Physical exercises involve large muscle groups of the body.
  • The performance of these activities and exercises at moderate intensity for sufficient time, i.e. not too short.

It is worth clarifying that it is not necessary to be a great athlete to start improving endurance. It is true that people who practise sport daily and with specific objectives, whether professional or personal, are often more interested in optimising their endurance capacity and achieving better times or milestones.

However, we all have minimum endurance and essential physical capacity. We all need it to perform and endure various efforts in our daily lives, which means that anyone, regardless of whether they practice sport, can improve their physical endurance and enjoy the benefits of such progress. 

To improve physical endurance, there are many simple activities to start working on. For example:

  • Walking at a brisk pace.
  • Jogging or light jogging.
  • Skipping rope.
  • Advocate non-sedentary daily habits, such as climbing stairs.
  • Dancing.

When it comes to improving endurance, some sports that can help you are swimming, cycling, running, tennis, rowing and basketball. These sports and equivalent activities, such as the exercise bike or treadmill, are relatively easy to incorporate into your routine, even if you have never done them.

In addition, you can also quickly adapt them to your fitness level and previous knowledge if you are familiar with them.

Key measures and habits to boost your physical performance

If you already have a minimum level of fitness or if you want to get involved in sports to improve your endurance, the following measures will be beneficial:

  • Create a structured training plan, allowing for rest periods throughout the week. If you don’t know how to make your plan, find a supportive personal trainer who can help you.
  • Run long distances at a pace that is not too fast.
  • Performs short sprints.
  • Do high-intensity, total-body exercises such as burpees and anaerobic plank.
  • Increase the duration and intensity slowly, always taking into account your capabilities.
  • Include strength training in your routines. Combining endurance activities with strength and muscular endurance training will help you to boost performance and achieve optimal fitness and health.
  • Consult a specialist who can guide you and help you develop an appropriate plan for your particular case and performance improvement goals.

But you should not only consider or focus on exercise and training. Improving your endurance and resilience will also be necessary:

  • Be consistent and incorporate exercise as a habit in your daily life.
  • Take care of your diet, eating a varied and balanced diet, including fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains and pulses.
  • Keeping your body well hydrated is key to improving endurance and recovery. What’s more, dehydration can significantly impair your performance. So don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, but provide your body with sufficient hydration before, during and after exercise.

In addition to the above, you can introduce supplementation that benefits your athletic performance. In other words, supplements help reduce tiredness and fatigue, protect your joints, cartilage and muscles, or contain antioxidant compounds, among others.

Two ideal supplements for improved performance and recovery, with the above benefits and many others, are Orgono Articomplex and Orgono Supplement Recovery.

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Orgono Anticomplex combines vitamins and organic silica to compensate for the loss of essential minerals. In addition, its ingredients also include such vital elements for the body as magnesium, selenium and manganese.

Overall, taking this complex of vitamins and minerals after exercise benefits muscle recovery and the body as a whole, as it has antioxidant functions, boosts the immune system and cares for joints, bones and cartilage.

The Orgono Sport Recovery supplement provides tissue support thanks to two of its main ingredients: organic silicon and glycine.

Combining these two components provides multiple benefits after physical exercises, such as protection and improvement of joint regeneration, muscle recovery, and promoting of collagen synthesis.

In addition, this complex, particularly recommended in situations of stress and joint wear and tear, helps prevent contractures and muscle problems during sport.

The benefits of good physical endurance

As you can see, you can start to improve your endurance and recovery capacity even if you have not exercised regularly before.

Improving endurance will help you to improve your athletic performance, whatever type of exercise you do.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, it will also be beneficial to your general health and wellbeing, as it improves stamina:

  • Contributes to the maintenance of a healthy heart, lungs and circulatory system.
  • It helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular pathologies.
  • And it promotes good emotional health.

So, since there are so many benefits to improving endurance, you shouldn’t hesitate for a moment – to go ahead and boost this essential physical ability!

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