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How to recognise Asperger’s in adult women and its characteristics

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What is known as Asperger’s syndrome in adult women is also a reality, although it is less prevalent than in men. For every female sufferer, there are up to four males. These people who were once girls or boys after their childhood and adolescence continue to live with this brain development disorder.

The disease is all about this, as it causes the nervous system to function abnormally. This has consequences for the connections between neurons, which affects the processing of information, which is different—at least qualitatively.

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With this in mind, here we analyse how to recognise a woman with autism, as we can see some distinctive traits in her. In addition, we answer the question of whether Asperger syndrome is inherited.

What Asperger’s is like in women

Nowadays, Asperger’s in adult women can be found in any case. They come in all ages. Although their profile is somewhat particular compared to that of autistic men. It manifests itself in different ways, but the most common is in the way of being and behaving.

A woman with autistic spectrum disorder is very curious and finds it difficult to understand social conventions. However, she tries to learn a general rule to use in all her relationships with others. This is why she may sometimes seem eccentric to us.

He usually resorts to imitation, mimicry, and acting to socialise, but only for short periods of time. Because she soon becomes saturated, she needs solitude to recover psychologically. Despite this, being socially and emotionally immature for her age, she may be shy, passive, and elusive with strangers. 

She also often makes eye contact with others, as she is very observant. On the other hand, Aspergers in adult women, make an effort to ask their trusted people to learn from the mistakes they make. In order not to repeat them, especially when it comes to socialising.

Characteristics of Asperger’s in adult women

The psychologist Tania Marshall is a reference in Asperger’s syndrome in adult women. She has been working for more than 20 years with people who suffer from this disorder, especially women. If what is explained in the previous section is the result of her studies, so are the following characteristics of autistic women:

  • Their average intelligence can range from normal to exceptional. However, he has learning problems, slow processing speed and poor short-term memory. Unlike in the long term, where he does demonstrate superior intelligence.
  • Expresses inappropriate effect or body language that is not in keeping with the situation they are experiencing. In other words, their facial expressions do not match what is happening at the time.
  • Although he can form friendships, as we have already mentioned, he finds it difficult to maintain them. This is because of his difficulties in understanding hierarchies and other people’s gestures and social skills.
  • They may suffer from sensory sensitivity or synaesthesia, which results in a deeper cognitive processing of the stimuli they perceive.
  • They cannot control their emotions, so they are highly susceptible to anxiety, low mood and insomnia.
  • Asperger’s in female adults also means they tend to be competitive and perfectionist. In addition to the fact that they do not break the rules, they maintain rigid thinking.
  • They develop artistic skills, from writing to acting. The latter is related to their enhanced ability to imitate the behaviour of others.
  • They show a special empathy for animals. They like them, and for this reason, some may even end up working with them.
  • They pay close attention to details to learn. If they are very interested in a subject, they can even become experts on it.
asperger's in adults women girl holds symbol autism

Is Asperger’s syndrome inherited?

Known causes of autism spectrum disorder include genetics and other environmental factors, as it is a complex condition. Symptoms vary and may worsen over time, so no single cause exists. So, there is no single origin. So, is Asperger’s syndrome inherited?

Different genes appear to be linked to its development or onset. Some of these DNA mutations are inherited, but others occur spontaneously. In addition, circumstances such as air pollution, viral infections,or complications during pregnancy may play a role and are under investigation.

In conclusion, this is what asperger syndrome in adult women is all about. Although it is less visible, there are those who live with it. If you are one of these people, it may help to take a supplement to improve your mental well-being. We recommend G7® Neuro Health, with biotin and organic silicon. It contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

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