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Líneas de expresión en los ojos

Expression lines on the eyes: how to get rid of them naturally

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Wrinkles emerge as we age, appearing on the forehead, near the lips or around the neck. We may also find expression lines in the eyes. Some of them are subtle and barely visible, while others are more pronounced, becoming evident and giving an appearance of tiredness or lack of energy.

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Fortunately, there are many effective beauty treatments for eye wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles and bags. Natural skin care products, facial masks and essential oils offer anti-ageing benefits. Regular facial treatments ( do you know what a scrub is for ?) help to keep skin fresh and rejuvenated. In addition to these measures, lifestyle changes such as drinking more water or avoiding unprotected sun exposure can minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

As you search for the best treatment for fine lines under the eyes, it is helpful to equip yourself with more knowledge about the causes of their appearance. Understanding their origins can be used to take preventative measures to effectively reduce lines, creases and puffiness under the eyes.

Does your eyes give away your age? Eye lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging

Ageing is inevitably associated with the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines in the eyes. To prevent this process, the first step is to understand the possible causes of their appearance. This is the only way to discover the best ways to treat them and prevent further damage.

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Did you know that the skin under the eyes is extremely thin? The loss of collagen is the cause of the loss of elasticity as the years go by. This process, which occurs naturally, leads to fine lines, increased pigmentation in the area, wrinkles and puffiness.

The most common reasons for this to happen include:

1.       Sun exposure. Sun exposure can cause damage to skin all over the body when proper UV protection is not used. Around the eyes, this damage is noticeable in the form of wrinkles.

2. Don’t sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause wrinkles to appear on your skin sooner than you would like. This is confirmed by a scientific study that you can read here.

3.       Facial expressions. Repetitive facial expressions also cause lines and wrinkles in the eye area. As the skin’s elasticity and ability to recover progressively decreases due to the loss of collagen, the skin around the eyes begins to show signs that start out milder, in the form of slight expression lines, and become more pronounced, forming marked wrinkles and visible creases.

4.       Rubbing your eyes. If you are prone to rubbing your eyes when you are tired, make a conscious effort to stop. Remember that the skin under your eyes is thin and delicate. Habitually rubbing the area around your eyes can overstretch the skin, leading to the breakdown of elastin and the formation of fine lines around the eyes.

5.       Genetics. Genes can determine the onset and severity of physical ageing. However, it is important to bear in mind that, in many cases, skin that is often more exposed to external agents (such as the face) is more influenced by environmental factors.

6.       Smoking and vaping. Inhaling tobacco smoke with each puff develops expression lines that become permanent signs as the years go by without quitting the habit. In addition, squinting to keep smoke out of the eyes, which is common among smokers and vapers, also accentuates ageing.

7.       Dehydrated skin. Along with flaking and tightness, another common symptom of dehydrated skin is more pronounced lines, especially around the eyes.

Keys to effective prevention of fine lines under the eyes

Fine lines in the eyes can be kept at bay if you start protecting this area from an early age. Some tips that will keep the under-eye area taut and wrinkle-free for longer are related to:


– Every time you go out, wear sunscreen and don’t leave the area under your eyes untouched. To avoid the sun’s ultraviolet rays, wear a hat or cap and sunglasses, which protect your eyes and prevent them from squinting.

– According to studies, sleeping with your face on your pillow and face down can cause wrinkles under your eyes. So try to sleep on your back and never go to bed without removing make-up.

– Cut down on cigarette smoking. It’s the only thing that can prevent the under-eye area from wrinkling prematurely. Also avoid being around people who smoke, as other people’s smoke can also break down the collagen in your skin.

– Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, as lack of hydration can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear sooner.

– Minimise the levels of stress you are exposed to, or your skin will take the toll. The high cortisol levels produced by stress affect the skin’s connective tissues and cause premature wrinkling.

– If your job involves sitting in front of a computer screen all day, be aware of your eyes and facial movements. You may be squinting, frowning or crinkling your eyes as you look at the screen, all of which can cause premature wrinkles.

– Cut down on alcohol. This substance not only dehydrates the skin due to its diuretic properties, but can also cause periocular oedema or swelling around the eyes.

Diet and supplements

– Vitamins can help to keep skin looking younger. In particular, vitamins A, C and E, which are also used in anti-ageing creams, can be included in the diet through foods such as carrots, oranges, spinach, pumpkin and broccoli.

– Supplement the nutritional intake of a balanced diet with supplements, much better if they contain silica, such as G7 Beauty, as it is the perfect ally in the fight against free radicals that accelerate ageing, thanks to its antioxidant and restorative power.

– Take care of your allergies and avoid eating foods that provoke a reaction, as this can cause your eyes to become irritated and watery.

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Care routines (massages)

– There are several options for moisturisers that provide anti-ageing benefits. Look for products with natural ingredients, such as Silicium Rosehip Silicium or Silicium Serum that leave your skin softer and smoother, eliminating those fine lines in your eyes when they start to appear.

– If you wake up with puffy eyes or bags under your eyes, you can massage the area with cold cucumber pulp. Keeping this vegetable in the fridge or the preparation from the day before will make it easy and pleasant to use.

– Instead of exfoliating this sensitive area, it is preferable to opt for circulation-boosting massages, from the tear trough outwards, all the way around the eye socket and then along the crease of the eye, pressing gently and firmly on the bone. This may bring more nutrients to the under-eye region.

– Always avoid using products that contain chemicals or perfumes, as they not only contain components that are harmful to your skin and health, but may also affect your vision if used under the eyes.

– Try not to use too much skincare cream around the eye area, as doing so can block pores, cause irritation and redness. And when it comes to quantity, stick to applying only as much as you need.

Expression lines on the eyes: how to get rid of them naturally

To maintain a youthful appearance for longer, small lifestyle changes may be necessary. The right choices and consistency will keep fine lines from appearing in your eyes.

Once you know the causes of the first signs of ageing in this area of your face, it helps to take the right precautions and use the right products, such as masks with natural ingredients, chemical-free natural cosmetics and supplements, for the most effective action.

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