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lumbago y sus síntomas

Low back pain and its symptoms: learn how to avoid them

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Lumbago and its symptoms do not only affect older people. Each year, with the onset of winter, cases can increase due to the cold.

People who suffer from lumbago may have physical limitations when carrying out common activities. That is why learning to recognise lumbago and its symptoms is just as important as learning how to prevent it. Let’s look at how to prevent it from coming into our lives.

What is lumbago, what symptoms, and why does it occur?

Low back pain: the condition and its causes

Low back pain is focused in the lower back; although it is not considered a disease, it is a symptom of other health conditions. Did you imagine that 4 out of 5 people living in developed countries will experience some form of low back pain at some point in their lives?

The causes of low back pain are varied and include the following:

  • Muscle contracture
  • Ligament injury
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal stenosis (compression of the spinal nerves)
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Scoliosis (or related conditions lordosis and kyphosis)
  • Tumours near the spine
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Spondylitis
  • Spondylosis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Broken bone near the spinal region
  • Sprain

Given the complexity associated with this condition, it is important to see a health professional for a diagnosis of lumbago. Its symptoms, when they appear, will give us a clue as to when to make an appointment to see a doctor.

Lumbago: Symptoms

The warning signs that we may be suffering from low back pain are:

– Chronic pain in the lumbar region

– Back pain

– Pain or tingling sensation in both legs or one of them

– Muscle spasms

– Weakness in the legs

– Lumbar stiffness.

Depending on the cause of the condition, other symptoms may also occur. For example, if the low back pain is related to scoliosis, it can lead to chronic poor posture and pain; if it is caused by a herniated disc, the pain will increase when sitting but decrease when lying down.

Not everyone is equally affected by low back pain and its symptoms. In addition to people who are occasionally or regularly confronted with heavy lifting, there is a segment of the population that may suffer more severely from the condition, such as those who meet one or more of these risk factors:

– Postural defects when working or standing for long periods

– Advanced age

– Obesity

– Lack of exercise or inadequate execution of the exercise.

– Smoking

– Kidney or bladder problems

– Pregnancy

A doctor should be consulted if low back pain is accompanied by fever, unexplained weight loss, or recent bladder or bowel problems. Also, if low back pain occurs after a fall or traumatic injury.

How to cure low back pain?

Possible treatment options for low back pain are:

– Chiropractic care, with its adjustments to the spine and other parts of the body, will minimise pain, increase mobility, correct posture, reduce dependence on medication and make you feel better.

– Physiotherapy, to learn stretches and exercises that improve posture and strengthen the back and other muscle groups to make movement easier. This makes future injuries less likely. In addition, since obesity and excess weight are risk factors for low back pain, exercise is highly recommended.

Pain medications, specific pharmaceuticals prescribed by the doctor, can relieve pain and treat the symptoms, not the root cause. It is important to note that they are not recommended as long-term treatments.

Injections, such as nerve block injections, provide temporary relief to the lower back by blocking pain receptors. Facet joint injections treat neck and back pain by introducing anaesthesia and steroids into the affected facet joint. Epidural steroid injections reduce inflammation around the spinal nerves, although this option should only be considered after trying non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or home exercise tables.

– Acupuncture, which works better than a placebo in the treatment of back pain.

Massage therapy to help relieve tense or overworked muscles, a common cause of lower back pain.  The results are improved if a gel such as Silicium Gel G5 is used when performing it. Thanks to its high silica concentration, it contributes to collagen production and joint well-being.

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Surgery, the last resort for most patients with low back pain, can remove the underlying cause and cure it. However, some medical conditions cause low back pain and cannot be permanently cured, such as osteoporosis.

Is it possible to prevent lumbago and its symptoms?

Low back pain and its symptoms can be prevented, but it takes perseverance to see results. The first step is to ask yourself questions about your lifestyle to identify those aspects that can be improved. It is most effective to work on three levels:

1. Habits. Stress has a lot to do with this type of ailment, as not managing tension correctly means that our muscles are stiff most of the time and “forget” about their function and contracting and relaxing effects. It is also important to be aware of posture: how do we sit, how do we lift weights, how do we walk, how do we sit, and how do we walk? Postural hygiene is a very effective prevention tool. Smoking affects not only lumbago but also our health in general, which is why it is not a good idea to delay giving up smoking.

2. Sport. Regular low-impact aerobic exercise will improve overall fitness and, simultaneously, can make the back feel better in the short term. On a longer time horizon, sport helps maintain a healthy weight and builds muscle strength, particularly in the lumbar region. Have you thought about trying yoga? It strengthens back and abdominal muscles and promotes good posture.

3. Supplements. Diet can also help to alleviate low back pain and its symptoms. Getting enough fibre as part of a balanced diet, reducing coffee consumption and avoiding processed products and sugars can help by providing energy and reducing stress on the body. However, food may not be enough, so it is advisable to take supplements, such as Articomplex or Silicium G7 Original, which provide extra protection for bones, cartilage and joints and promote well-being.

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Once you take control of your life and adopt new healthy habits, you will see how easy it is to eliminate lumbago and its symptoms. How do you see yourself next winter? And the next thirty or forty?

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