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tratamiento hidratante para el pelo

Moisturising hair treatment: the key to healthy and shiny hair

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Did you know that hydration is a key factor in hair care? Did you imagine that it is essential for maintaining healthy, strong hair? A moisturising hair treatment can help you to tackle problems early on that, if ignored, can result in consequences that are more difficult to deal with.

Frizz, hair breakage, lack of elasticity and loss of shine are some of the consequences of lack of moisture. It is easy to notice this happening. To the touch, hair feels rough and dry; to the eye, it looks brittle and dull.

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Factors influencing hair hydration


Climate and environment can have an impact on hair hydration. The consequences of these factors are especially noticeable in dry or hot places. The symptoms are noticeable on the hair fibres and also on the scalp.


The use of harsh hair products, such as drying shampoos, can dehydrate hair and cause it to become dry and brittle.

Heat styling instruments

Straightening, bleaching and other heat treatments can dehydrate and weaken hair.

Diet and lifestyle

A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle can also increase frizz and make your hair lose shine. If you notice these symptoms you may need to apply a moisturising hair treatment.


Key ingredients in moisturising hair treatments

Fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are important and, for this reason, are found in many moisturising hair treatments. They are behind those naturally shiny, soft and supple tresses. But simply including them in the formula is not enough to care for your hair.

Vitamins and minerals

You also need to provide vitamins, especially vitamin B5 which promotes growth and helps form a protective layer on the hair, which can reduce damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors, as well as minerals and iron to keep hair moisturised and healthy. If you do this, you’ll notice a decrease in split ends and an increase in density.

Silica organic

Added to these components is organic silica, a fortifying ingredient found in many moisturising hair treatments because it is so effective in helping hair retain water molecules.

Proteins and amino acids

Proteins and amino acids are important for moisturising and fortifying the hair. Among the former, keratin stands out for its ability to boost hair growth and regeneration. The latter are essential for moisturising hair because they can penetrate the cuticle and retain moisture inside; and because of their repairing power, which allows damaged proteins to be reconstructed.


How to apply a moisturising hair treatment

To apply an effective moisturising hair treatment, it is important to follow these steps:

1. Selection. Select a natural product suitable for your hair type and its specific needs, leaving aside any formula containing chemicals. Here are some options:

a.       Collagen hair treatment.

b.       Natural hair remedies.

c.       Rosemary for hair.

2.       Preparation. Before applying the treatment, it is important to prepare the hair by carefully cleansing and detangling it.

3.       Application. The treatment should be applied to all the hair, from roots to ends, and left to act for as long as necessary.

4.       Finishing. Finally, rinse the treatment and style the hair as usual, avoiding blow-drying with hot air or vigorous rubbing.

Practical tips for keeping your hair moisturised

It won’t take long to notice the difference after applying the moisturising hair treatment. However, if you want to prolong its beneficial effects, you should schedule it regularly. Consistency gives better results than sporadic treatments and remedies.

Likewise, taking care of your diet and committing to a balanced and healthy diet benefits the appearance, elasticity and shine of your hair. So that you don’t lack any of the nutrients your hair needs, you can turn to G7Beauty which, in addition to strengthening and repairing hair, thanks to its silica, selenium and vitamin E content, helps to maintain the beauty of the skin and nails.

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