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A young man with psoriasis and a surprising formula. The story of a product with values

A young man with psoriasis and a surprising formula. The story of a product with values

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In the 1970s, Loïc Le Ribault observed that when he played with the sand in his hands, his psoriasis improved a lot. It turned out that that sand was very rich in organic silica. After that, he became interested in this mineral and, years later, created Silicium G5, a patent that he bequeathed to Silicium España Laboratorios.

A curious story that has made us, since 2003, the only company in the world dedicated to the production and research of supplements and natural cosmetics based on Dr. Le Ribault’s original organic silica formula.

After almost 20 years, we now operate internationally, manufacturing in the EU and exporting to 50 countries and with more than 100,000 customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States and Canada.

However, this expansion has never separated us from our objective: to promote people’s wellbeing with the professionalism, effort, and dedication they deserve.

Today we tell you…

From silica sands to the most sophisticated therapy

The secret lies in nature

People serving people

From silica sands to the most sophisticated therapy

Organic silica is an essential trace element for the body. It is involved in the formation of collagen and elastin, and is an essential part of various body tissues (bones, muscles, cartilage, hair, etc.). 

This explains its high therapeutic potential. And not only in the treatment of psoriasis as Le Ribault discovered. 

Among other actions, it fights ageing signs, increases musculoskeletal health, protects the cardiovascular system and works as a neuroprotectant by preventing aluminium from accumulating in the brain.

Our commitment in each formula is to guarantee the highest efficacy and safety so that you can fully enjoy these properties.

  • We manufacture according to the most stringent quality controls, including non-toxicity studies, stability studies and various physicochemical analyses to ensure the total absence of contaminants.
  • We use pure raw materials of biological origin that we process in clean rooms with very strict pharmaceutical protocols.
  • We collaborate with research centers to carry out multiple clinical studies to demonstrate the beneficial effect on the organism. For example, we have seen that Silicium G7 Siliplant improves joint mobility in 87% of people with osteoarthritis.

The secret lies in nature

If there is one thing Silicium products stand out for, it is their effectiveness. They have maximum bioavailability, assimilation, skin penetration and regenerative qualities, as well as excellent stability to extend their shelf life.

This is possible because they are formulated in a completely natural way:

  • We use vegan ingredients.
  • We eliminate almost all preservatives. We only add the minimum required by health law.
  • We never test on animals (cruelty-free).
  • We reject genetically modified organisms (GMO-free).
  • We use local products.

In this way we manage to preserve the properties of organic silica while respecting the environment.

People serving people

Maybe this happened to you: you think of a company and you get the idea that it is like a dehumanised entity in which the top management only sees its employees and consumers as a number.

At Silicium our vision is completely the opposite.

If this laboratory exists, it is thanks to each and every one of the great professionals who, with knowledge, tenacity, love and enthusiasm, make it up. A human team that works hard every day to satisfy the real protagonists of this story: our users.

People who, for one reason or another, their wellbeing has deteriorated and have found a solution in organic silica.

Tell me, how are you feeling now?

This is the question with which we always start the follow-up of those who have tried one of our formulas.

We can’t just say “buy me now, I want nothing more to do with you”. We get involved with the results. We want to know if you have really improved your health.

  • We make a comprehensive report of the positive effects reported by our customers anonymously (under the Data Protection Act). This allows us to advise others and optimise our products.
  • We provide personalized after-sales assistance, proposing complementary measures to enhance the benefits of organic silicon. For example, vitamins, minerals or dietary advice.

With this methodology we have achieved a life quality improvement of our users with psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and even emphysema or cancer, always recommending that they consult their doctor.

Long story short, at Silicium España Laboratories we aim to offer more than just a cream, some capsules, or a liquid. We strive to provide a professional service based on exigency, reliability, and transparency

Always with the same aim: to promote the wellbeing of our users and help them to maintain a 100% natural, healthy lifestyle.

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