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beneficios del romero para el cabello

The incredible benefits of rosemary for hair

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No one doubts the properties and benefits of rosemary for hair, which is why it has been used for hundreds of years, specifically since the 15th and 16th centuries. Some people prepare a water infused with this aromatic herb, while others prefer the essential oil extracted from the plant. These are men and women who opt for natural solutions to common problems such as hair loss or dandruff.

When you start using the infusion or the more concentrated formula regularly, you start to notice other benefits of rosemary for hair. These additional benefits confirm the value of this routine and provide the motivation to continue using this aromatic herb that many thought only added extra flavour to stews.

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How to use rosemary for hair

There are different ways to use rosemary for hair and the choice of which one to use depends on the availability of this natural ingredient, the time you set aside for hair care and your tolerance to its effects.

One form that is gaining in popularity every day is rosemary water. It is an infusion that has this plant as a base (although it can be complemented with others, if desired) and can be prepared every week, reserved for the moments of washing and rinsing the hair.

Another effective way to enjoy the benefits of rosemary for hair is to purchase the essential oil of the plant. As in the previous case, this is a natural preparation. In this case, due to the higher concentration, the effects are more potent and the possibilities more varied. Thus, the essential oil can be diluted (a few drops are sufficient) in the water to be used to rinse the hair after washing. It can also be combined with water and sprayed onto dry hair using a diffuser. Alternatively, it can be applied directly to the scalp and massaged into the hair with the fingers in a circular motion.

4 benefits of rosemary for hair

While the benefits of rosemary for the hair do not start to be noticed on the first application, consistency ensures a lasting change for the better. The health of the hair is reinforced and its appearance is stronger, as this aromatic herb achieves:

1.       Prevent hair loss. Reduced hair density or the appearance of the first signs of baldness require an immediate solution. Before the problem worsens and it becomes more complicated to find a solution, the application of rosemary can be started at least twice a week. The essential oil applied with a massage improves blood circulation in the area and this stimulates the follicles, activating their function and strengthening the hair.

2.       Get rid of dandruff. For dandruff-free shoulders, there’s no need to resort to chemicals and artificially formulated shampoos. One of the benefits of rosemary for hair is that it reduces the oil that accumulates on the scalp. This effect supports the antifungal function of the herb, which is another of its best-known properties, thus preventing flaking of the scalp.

3.       Longer hair. Those who only trim the ends every two to three months and those who have just had their hair cut short are quick to dream of rapid hair growth. This goal is easier to achieve if washing and/or rinsing is completed with rosemary water. The secret lies in two of the plant’s components: magnesium and iron. Their function in the body is to support the production of haemoglobin, and when activated, nutrition and oxygen reach the hair follicles on time, which are healthy, strong and ready to boost hair growth. If you want to multiply its effect, combine the use of rosemary water with a weekly massage with its essential oil to accelerate microcirculation.

4.       Less grey hair. Another result of washing and rinsing with rosemary water is younger-looking hair. This is achieved by its darkening power, which naturally covers grey hair, so that it no longer stands out and blends in with the rest of the hair tones.

Possible contraindications

While it is very rare for people to have serious side effects as a result of using rosemary water, it is not impossible. This herb is gentle and if small amounts are used to wash the hair or for rinsing afterwards, in principle, there should be no problems. However, it is always good to know what the possible side effects of any herb are.

In this case, the registrants are:

– May experience heavier menstrual bleeding.

– Occurrence of mild skin rashes caused by hypersensitivity.

– Contraindication when combined with drugs specifically prescribed to treat hair problems.

Contraindications to rosemary water or rosemary essential oil are negligible and occur very rarely. However, those who have doubts can look for natural alternatives to its use.

One is silica which not only acts on the hair, but also on the skin and nails, improving their appearance and health. Its power is such that the effects start to show right from the start (and you don’t have to wait months to see results). That is why many people complement the benefits of rosemary for hair with the advantages of supplements of G7 Beauty (which, in addition to silica, also include selenium and vitamin E). Do you want a stronger and healthier mane?

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