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Silicio para la piel de ella y de él

Silica for the skin: a great ally in your beauty routine

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As you know, silica is a trace element that is naturally present in your body. It is essential for the development and formation of tissues such as muscles and skin. Because it promotes the natural formation of collagen and elastin, silica has many benefits for the skin.

In this article we tell you what those benefits are, how you can incorporate organic silica into your beauty routine and which silica-based supplements can significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

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The benefits of silica for the skin

It is not surprising that more and more facial creams include organic silica among their ingredients. The truth is that the multiple benefits that silica brings to the tissues make it a very interesting ingredient to be part of any beauty routine.

Silica has many benefits for the skin:

  • Stimulates collagen production, which combats sagging skin.
  • Increases elastin production, providing elasticity to muscles and other tissues such as skin.
  • It has a detoxifying action as it promotes tissue detoxification. It is especially effective in eliminating aluminium from the body.
  • It improves joint flexibility by caring for cartilage and protecting ligaments.
  • It is a great ally in the recovery of muscle injuries and influences bone development and the assimilation of another essential trace element: calcium.
  • In addition, in terms of the benefits it brings to the skin, we can highlight that it improves sunburn, protects the skin from free radicals and cellular oxidation and improves the appearance of wrinkles as it improves skin hydration.

How to use silica for the skin

It’s a good idea to incorporate silica for skin into your beauty routine. In addition to the benefits described above, silica for skin helps improve the absorption of other ingredients.

One example is rosehip, an essential oil that helps to even out skin tone. It is a great ally in healing, so you can use it on scars that have already closed. With time and perseverance you will see that the scars will soften and acquire the tone of the rest of the skin. We recommend: Silicium Rosehip Silicium

To get all the benefits of silica for the skin on your face, we recommend applying creams and serums that have it among their ingredients. Its anti-fatigue effect will help you to always have a radiant face. For example, the infallible duo: Silicium Serum + Essential Elixir

But you can also use creams with organic silica on the rest of the body. Its smoothing and toning effect improves the appearance of the skin. Thus, silica is indicated to help prevent skin ageing, cellulite and flaccidity. You can test it by applying G7 LipoReduct on the most stubborn areas such as thighs, hips and abdomen. Supplement your diet to take care of your skin.

As well as looking after your skin on the outside, you can greatly improve its health from the inside. That’s why, apart from taking care of what you eat and getting enough rest, you can get a great ally in supplements like these:


Beauty routine for the skin

Now that you know the products that can help you, we can organise a beauty routine that includes them. Whatever your beauty ritual, remember that to feel good inside and out you should eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, be physically active and get at least 8 hours of rest every night. In addition, we suggest:

  1. Start the day with stretching and deep breathing. Take the opportunity to do some facial gymnastics. Have breakfast; include Living Silica Plant-Based Collagen in your smoothie or juice.
  2. Prepare your facial skin for the day. First wash your face with a neutral soap and then moisturise it with Silicium Serum.
  3. After showering, moisturise your entire body with G7 LipoReduct. Whether you shower in the morning or in the evening, set aside a few minutes to apply cream and massage your skin.
  4. Take advantage of a meal break to take a supplement, for example, a capsule of G7 Beauty.
  5. At night, prepare your skin to rest. Wash your face again with a mild soap and moisturise with Silicium Rosehip Silicium to ensure you stay out of the sun while the essential oil works its magic.

Would you like to put it into practice?

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