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Uñas blandas y quebradizas

Soft and brittle nails: causes and treatment

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There are many warning signs that your nails are losing their health. Signs that help detect soft, brittle nails include loss of colour, uneven edges, splinter-like marks, visible dryness, general weakness or slow growth. Taking care of them in time can mean reversing the deterioration and restoring them.

The causes of this type of condition are very varied. Sometimes it is related to exposure to chemicals and aggressive treatments, climate, and habits such as nail biting. Lack of care, diet or age is also factors.

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Problems associated with soft and brittle nails

In addition to our habits, the ageing process and environmental factors, some diseases and health disorders can lead to nail problems. If yours are like this, it could be due to: Soft, brittle, dull, opaque, deteriorated…

  • Iron deficiency. Concave or sunken nails are usually caused by low levels of iron in the body or anaemia. Haemoglobin, a molecule that switches red blood cells charged with fresh oxygen to improve the nail matrix’s condition, is made of iron. Without it, nail growth is retarded. Fortunately, the solution lies in the diet. Introducing pulses, green leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, or peas helps to restore adequate levels. In addition to these iron-rich foods, supplements can be added to the diet, for example, silicon, as we will see below, which will provide you with the necessary nutrients…
  • Thyroid problems. A thyroid hormone regulates the body’s sweat, which is the body’s natural moisturiser. One of the consequences of thyroid, among others, is more brittle nails, and drier hair and skin, among other symptoms. This condition causes a person’s body to create too much or too few hormones, which eventually affects the body’s absorption of minerals. As a result, the nails usually separate from their beds. In addition to a visit to the doctor and following the prescribed treatment, foods such as eggs, sweet potatoes and almonds should be included in the diet. Extra biotin, selenium and vitamin B can improve health, so it is a good idea to consider supplementation.
  • Raynaud’s syndrome. Characterised by circulation problems in the extremities, this condition affects the blood vessels, preventing the hands and feet from receiving enough blood. This affects the health of the nails. In addition to supplements and acupuncture to improve blood flow to the nails, many people with this condition notice improvement by undergoing biofeedback therapy, deep breathing and other relaxation exercises.

Risks and consequences of having nails in such a state and not seeking solutions

Nails, skin, hair, sweat and sebaceous glands are part of the integumentary system that prevents excessive moisture loss from the body and helps it regulate body temperature. But when you notice that your nails are soft and brittle, they may not be the only part of your body affected by a health problem. There may also be signs that something is wrong with the rest of the body, and you may notice hair loss, skin problems, mood swings or gastrointestinal problems.

When faced with any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to take measures to help strengthen our nutrition. Evaluating our eating habits, rethinking the diet we follow, making a more careful selection of the shopping basket and including supplements to cover the deficiencies left by our diet are responsible decisions that bring health to the whole organism and, of course, also to the nails.

And we don’t have to wait for the body to start showing signs of deterioration, so why not check today whether we are providing our systems with the components they need to function optimally?

Treatment to harden and strengthen unhealthy nails

Different home remedies based on natural ingredients help prevent and treat soft and brittle nails. Among them are the following:

  • Application of lemon juice and olive oil. Repairs and strengthens damaged nails.
  • Application of sea salt. This technique is generally used in spas because it softens the nail’s cuticle and gives it a very healthy shine.
  • Massage with Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is an excellent nourisher and moisturiser for the nails, even preventing infection.
  • Application of apple cider vinegar. This inexpensive technique provides the nails with the minerals they need.
  • Massage with vitamin E oil. Like coconut oil, vitamin E oil acts as a moisturiser.
  • Tea tree oil drops. Cures brittle nails caused by fungal infections. Please note that tea tree oil needs to be diluted with a carrier oil before application.
  • Argan oil. This remedy gives vitality and nourishment to the nails and can also be used for hair and eyelashes. It is a trend in beauty care right now.

Most of these remedies should be tried in the evening because the body is more able to repair itself at that time.

How to prevent the appearance of soft and brittle nails.

In addition to eating a balanced diet, avoiding chemical substances in care and hygiene routines and incorporating home remedies to treat soft and brittle nails, if you want to recover and maintain the health of this part of the body, it is advisable to take the necessary supplements to guarantee the supply of nutrients to the body. Selenium, silicon and vitamin E are three of the components that should not be missing in the formula you choose, and there is a product that brings them together: G7 Beauty.

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Among them, silicon stands out, responsible for preventing the risk of deterioration in nails and skin and hair. Siliplant also incorporates it. This natural component’s advantages help fight against ageing and wear and tear. Its results are soon evident: strong, healthy, shiny nails; rejuvenated skin with a unified tone and free of acne and spots; and flexible, vital and abundant hair. Do you want to experience changes in your skin, hair and nails?

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