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The mineral supplement that can help you with many ailments

The mineral supplement that can help you with many ailments

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foto%20entrada%20blog%2014%20feb%2020%20peq_3.jpg1. do you suffer from brittle, soft or fragile nails?

2. are you under great stress causing tendinitis, sprains, broken muscle fibers or cartilage problems?

3. Have you suffered from outbreaks of arthritis or osteoarthritis, including herniated discs?

Recent studies suggest that many of these symptoms are due to a lack of silicon, a basic element in our metabolism, although it still does not enjoy the consideration it deserves in the clinical field.

It is known that in joint problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis and in the incidence of injuries in individuals subjected to heavy physical strain, this lack of silicon is sometimes a trigger[1]

Scientific studies[2] show that silicon deficiency causes bone and cartilage deformities in the animals studied and that the supply of silicon to these deficient animals resolves these deformities, returning the bones and cartilages to their normal state[3].

What is lacking in modern crops and how it affects our diet.

The intensive cultivation of vegetables, grains, legumes with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, etc., has considerably reduced the microbial flora in the humus that solubilizes the silicon in the soil for the plants. This is a worrying fact and is recognised by all agronomists. Today’s plants therefore have less silicon, so their cuticles are weaker and more vulnerable to pests, which has been proven in tests. Pesticide treatments to kill them further damage the humus flora.

Silicon is mainly found in the fibrous parts, which are currently consumed in small quantities. This is the source of other problems such as constipation, diverticulosis, hernias and even colon cancer. In addition, the little fiber that is taken contains less silicon than in past centuries.

For all these reasons, the current diets of the modern world contain much less silicon than the old ones, and less than the diets of less developed countries, which can lead to deficiencies of this element. Man is genetically conditioned to diets that have at least ten times more silicon than the current ones.

The current eating habits promote an intestinal environment very poor in favorable germs, such as lactic acid bacteria, which should activate the solubilization of silicon.

Other symptoms caused by silicon deficiency

According to many authors, this can be corrected with a silicon supplement in an assimilable form.

Also, according to Professor Forrest Nielsen[4], silicon is beneficial in the following areas:

– It supports the formation of bone and cartilage.

– Supports cardiovascular health

– Supports the health of the brain

– Essential for the formation of collagen. Activates Prolylhydroxylase

– Essential for calcification and bone formation

– Necessary for the formation of cartilage. Present in glycosaminoglycans

How can we solve this chronic shortage?

Many medical professionals have become aware of this problem and are prescribing a daily intake of assimilable silicon to alleviate these problems. You should always choose an effective, absorbable, highly assimilable supplement with no side effects. Dr Loïc Le Ribault was the first to spread and promote the oral intake of pure silicon in the 1990s[5] and his formulas are now being marketed with great effectiveness in terms of results. Products such as SILICIUM G5 ORIGINAL the liquid in a liter bottle or G7 Activ+ in capsules provide the amount of silicon needed to effectively treat the origin of these problems.

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