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What effects does aluminum have on the human body?

What effects does aluminum have on the human body?

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Today, aluminium is a major health problem that affects everyone to a greater or lesser extent. Some studies link it to diseases as serious as Alzheimer’s or other autoimmune diseases. Now, what does aluminum do to our body and how does it store it? Without going any further, aluminium is found in many cosmetics and medicines, in coffee, prepared foods, infant formulas, tobacco, vaccines… Therefore, we are irremediably exposed to it.

The main problem with aluminium is that it is found in places and products that we usually consume, it can be present in food, breathing or in contact with the skin. The world’s leading expert on this type of toxicity, Professor Christopher Exley, has clearly linked it to autoimmune diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Other effects of aluminum on the human body include dementia, memory loss, and even central nervous system damage.

In France, two professors are experts in this field; one of them, Professor Henri Joyeux, is a specialist in the effects of aluminium on health. The second, Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, the discoverer of a new hormone, is currently conducting in-depth studies on how to mitigate Alzheimer’s disease.

Both teachers recommend the use of organic silica to alleviate the effects of aluminum on the human body. Therefore, in the treatments they already prescribe, they incorporate silica, reducing the absorption and retention of aluminum.

Professor Exley clearly demonstrated the need to add a type of silanol, called OSA, to the diet to eliminate aluminium. After years of research, he was able to determine a precise dose and developed an analytical technique to measure the presence of this type of silica needed to be effective.

The use of organic silica to reduce the effects of aluminium on the body

It is very important to become aware of the real problem that aluminium causes in the human body to reduce its effects as soon as possible. For this reason, at Silicium Laboratories we recommend the use of G7 Neuro Health, formulated with the necessary amount of silanol, a molecule called OSA for the elimination of aluminum, and validated with the analytical method provided by Professor Exley. G7 Neuro Health also contains biotin, an essential component for proper psychological functioning.

Professors recommend G7 Neuro Health

Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, expert Pharmacologist-Toxicologist, advises and recommends the use of this product to remove heavy metals such as mercury (Hg) and aluminium (Al), which are neurotoxic, from the brain.

The indications for Silicium G5 and G7 Neuro Health are different and complementary.

– They can be taken simultaneously without interfering with your dose.

– G7 Neuro Health, whose active ingredient is orthosilicic acid, Si (OH)4, is used to form salts of heavy metals present in the brain, such as mercury and aluminium. The salts thus formed, aluminum silicate, Al2O6Si2O2, or mercury silicate HgO2SiO are eliminated from the body through the urine. The G7 thus makes it possible to remove heavy metals such as mercury (Hg) and aluminium (Al) from the brain. These metals are neurotoxic since, by causing the destruction of neurons by accentuating the formation of neurodestructive superoxides (oxygenated free radicals), they are at the origin of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

– The recommended safety dose is 200 mg orthosilicic acid per day, which corresponds to 48.6 mg of elemental silicon. This is well above the recommended adult dose of 2 G7 Neuro Health capsules per day, which corresponds to 17 mg of elemental silicon (58 mg orthosilicic acid).

– In conclusion, the 2 food supplements Silicium G5 and G7 Neuro health can be taken simultaneously, at the recommended doses, without any risk. Indeed, the safety dose recommended by the EFSA is 48,6 mg of elemental silicon per day, whereas the quantity of total elemental silicon, corresponding to the combination of 60 ml of silicium G5 and 2 capsules of G7, is equal to 10 + 17 mg = 27 mg per day, is lower than the safety dose.

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