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Para qué sirve el sérum facial

What is facial serum for and who should use it?

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Do you know what a facial serum is for? It is a topical product that nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin after cleansing and before the other steps of the care routine. Its thin, viscous consistency helps the active ingredients it contains to penetrate the skin’s surface.

There is no single type of serum; there are different options. Therefore, it is important to choose products with a high concentration of natural ingredients, always avoiding chemicals.

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What is a facial serum for and what are its benefits?

Its active molecules go deep into the skin, penetrating the layers of the skin to solve problems such as discoloration, dullness, acne or fine lines. This is why those who wonder what a facial serum is for are often surprised to learn about all its applications.

As its power of concentration is greater than that of creams, despite being lighter, facial serum benefits the skin by providing it with the active ingredients it needs. This is why its results are more visible than with other moisturizing products. However, the application of moisturizers and facial creams is still a necessary complement, since they act as sealants to enhance the benefits of serums.


Those who know what a facial serum is for are clear about its advantages:

  1. It keeps skin hydrated. One of the main benefits of facial serum is that it contains active moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin hydrated, leaving it juicy, smooth and soft throughout the day. It can also be used before a moisturizer at night for healthy, glowing skin.
  2. Helps soothe and nourish the skin. Facial serums contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe sensitive areas of the skin. Oily skin is prone to acne and infections, two conditions that the use of serum can improve thanks to its soothing power, when combined with a proper hygiene routine.
  3. Anti-spotting effect on the skin. Acne scars, pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes are common skin imperfections that facial serum can minimize. Some of the ingredients in a facial serum can help in the process of brightening the skin and giving it a more even appearance.
  4. Anti-aging properties. Those who are clear about what a facial serum is for opt for products made from natural ingredients that contain elements such as retinol, vitamin C, resveratrol and antioxidants, which help fight the typical problems of aging. After continued use, wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines begin to fade and the skin is revitalized.

In addition to these benefits, the facial serum helps protect the skin against future damage. Ingredients such as vitamin C or vitamin E reduce the possibility of oxidative damage, especially that caused by UV rays and pollution, which lead to premature aging.

How to use the facial serum? Tips and use cases

Use cases: who should use facial serum?

  • It is a good choice for skin care for those with dry and rough skin.
  • It is also recommended for those who have sensitive skin and need to soothe and nourish it.
  • Those who have skin blemishes, such as acne scars, pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes benefit from facial serum.
  • On mature skin it works very well to minimize the signs of aging.
  • On young skin, to reverse the damage caused by external agents on a daily basis and delay aging.
  • It is advisable for those who spend a lot of time outdoors or indoors in front of a screen because of their work or hobbies (sports, for example) to know what a facial serum is for.

Tips for the correct application of the serum that helps to multiply its effects

Application times:
  • It is convenient to apply moisturizing facial serums twice a day to keep the skin looking juicy and vital.
  • It is beneficial to apply facial serums as a base layer under thick creams. Therefore, it can be used before moisturizer, makeup and sunscreen in the morning to prevent environmental damage to the skin throughout the day.
  • Anti-aging serums can be used at night, as it works well with the body’s circadian rhythm which multiplies its positive effects.
Facial serum application techniques
  • The skin is well cleansed, with specific products based on natural ingredients, before applying the serum.
  • A small amount, about the size of a green olive, is sufficient to cover the entire face, neck and décolleté.
  • The application should be delicate but firm, working the wrinkled areas with light circular massages from the center of the face outwards and from the bottom upwards. These directions will also be used on the other areas.
  • Once the serum has been fully applied with the fingertips or palms of the hands, you can wait up to 5 minutes for it to be absorbed.

How can I improve the health and appearance of my skin?

The serum tones the skin, protects it and repairs the damage that accumulates throughout the day. But remember that this organ is not only nourished topically, so it is important to pay attention to diet and supplements. Combining the two will result in healthier, more radiant skin.

This is what the G7 Beauty pack achieves with its Serum + Elixir, which provides a lifting and firming effect with the serum, while working from within the quality of the skin with G7 Beauty, achieving a very effective anti-aging effect and maintaining the good appearance of the face, as well as the hair and nails.

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