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What is sports chiromassage, what are its types, and how does it help us?

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If we exercise regularly and intensely, we can suffer from muscle pain and even injuries. Even if we are careful and maintain preventive routines, they can occur anytime. Sports chiromassage is a recommended technique in this case.

It helps prepare our muscles for exertion and alleviate any discomfort that may appear afterwards. Here, we explain exactly what chiromassage is and its benefits, as well as the different types of chiromassage.

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What is sports chiromassage?

We are talking about therapeutic massage therapy that is entirely manual, i.e., it uses only the hands. The person who performs sports chiromassage works on muscles, tendons, and ligaments with different actions or movements.

It uses various techniques depending on the body area and the patient’s specific needs. Thus, the most frequent are pressure, friction, rolling, twisting, pecking and kneading, rubbing, slapping, vibrations and pinching.

It should be remembered that this discipline was born in 1920 with Dr. Vicente Lino Ferrándiz García in Spain. It was he who gave it the name of sports chiromassage. Normally, it acts as a holistic complement to other necessary medical treatments. Both for a sports professional and for an amateur.

Types of sports chiromassage

We can classify this therapy into three types depending on when it is performed, whether in training or competitions. In each, the chiromassage and its benefits are different.

Warm-up and prevention

Before starting physical activity or exercise, the warm-up helps to condition the body, making it ready for the subsequent effort and reducing the chances of suffering injuries. Therefore, it serves to prevent them. The chiromassage therapist must identify muscular imbalances and tensions.

Make quick, energetic movements to activate the muscles without too much pressure. You can also use cream to heat the area being worked on. The aim is to improve the elasticity and contraction of the tissues. Stretching and gentle manipulation of the joints also prevent stiffness.

During the exercise session

If there are moments of rest, common in many team sports, work can be done during this physical break. Above all, the practitioner focuses on the parts of the body that are under the most strain.

Or those that are causing problems for the athlete. It focuses on performing medium or high-intensity massages, depending on the case. He uses manoeuvres such as kneading and pressure to soothe these muscular tensions or pains. He can also apply cold cream.


Finally, sports chiromassage aims to recover the body after a session or competition. The specialist uses techniques such as vibration or rubbing, which cool the muscles. In addition, they reduce spasms and relax. In the second phase of the process, he uses friction and deep but gentle pressure.

chiromassaggio sportivo

Chiromassage and its benefits for the body

Both physically and psychologically, we see that chiromassage with these benefits is very positive for any athlete:

  • It reduces the appearance of the typical stiffness that we usually feel after exercise.
  • It helps to prevent injuries and pain in our muscles, which are often subjected to overexertion.
  • It increases our muscles’ flexibility and improves our joints’ mobility. Two aspects that are essential to enhance physical performance.
  • It improves the body’s oxygenation and blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins and relieve swelling.
  • It helps us to relax, thus combating stress, as it has a calming effect on the nervous system. This has a positive effect on our mood and the quality of our sleep.

In conclusion, sports chiromassage provides us with all this. It is a very beneficial therapy that keeps us healthier before, during, and after exercise. In addition, it can be complemented with a product containing organic silicon, such as Orgono Sport Gel, a joint regenerator, or G7 Sport Recovery, also with magnesium, ideal for joints and muscles.

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