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What the new Living Silica Collagen Booster conceals

What the new Living Silica Collagen Booster conceals

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As if it were an official Netflix trailer, today we would like to announce the latest release we have at Silicium: Living Silica Collagen Booster in capsules. An exclusive natural collagen synthesis booster that is tremendously effective.

I advise you to stay until the end of the film, as it hides certain advantages that make it one of the best supplements to take care of your health today. It is a clear candidate for the Golden Globes.

Grab your favourite healthy snack, I’m going to press play.

Today we tell you…

What are the benefits of Living Silica Collagen Booster?

But… What’s so special about it compared to other products?

Who is Living Silica Collagen Booster suitable for?

What are the benefits of Living Silica Collagen Booster?

The main protagonist of this formula is organic silica. An essential mineral for our health as it is able to increase endogenous collagen production.

It’s not too soon to say, but thanks to it:

  • It keeps joints healthy and prevents cartilage deterioration.
  • It stimulates bone formation, which increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Promotes muscle and tendon recovery after intense training.
  • It has an excellent anti-ageing effect by aiding cell renewal. It preserves the youthfulness of the skin, the vitality of the hair and the hardness of the nails.
  • It offers well-being at various levels (cardiovascular, nervous…), increasing quality of life.

A new ingredient enters the scene

Living Silica Collagen Booster incorporates acacia gum as a novel compound.

It is a source of soluble dietary fibre. Specifically, a non-digestible polysaccharide that has prebiotic effects. In other words, it is like a “fitness” food for the bacteria in our gut. It makes them healthier.

In more scientific terms, it improves the state and composition of the gut microbiota and is associated with various beneficial properties:

  • It protects against infections and digestive diseases.
  • It contributes to the effectiveness of the immune response.
  • It reduces the development of allergies.

Another interesting action it has is that it increases the absorption of water and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

It therefore accelerates hydration, compensates for the excessive loss of sodium in sweat during exercise and facilitates the assimilation of energy sources.

In short, it improves physical performance, making it a good supplement for sportsmen and women.

Do you want to expand the list?

It’s easy.

You can use Living Silica Collagen Booster together with Silicium G5 Gel enriched with vitamin E. 

By applying it to your skin 3 to 4 times a day, you can enjoy all the benefits of organic silica from the outside as well.

It is especially recommended if you do high-intensity sports. It will relieve joint and muscle discomfort.

But what’s so special about it compared to other products?

Maximises collagen production

Living Silica Collagen Booster has been developed using a novel technology that has made it far more bioavailable than regular silica supplements.

This is the degree to which a nutrient can be used by our cells.

In other words, the organic silica in this formula is not only highly concentrated, but also highly assimilable. 

This allows the body to absorb up to 10 times more of the mineral compared to other products such as colloidal silica or plant extracts.

What happens?

Because the absorption in the body is much higher, the synthesis of natural collagen boosts. This is much higher than what would be achieved by taking this protein in an isolated format.

The effect on health is obvious, but you can tell us about that.

It is 100% vegan and GMO-free

If you take a look at the label, you’ll only see 3 components: silicic acid, acacia gum and the vegetable capsule that surrounds them. A trio of highly effective natural ingredients.

  • No preservatives, sweeteners or artificial colours. Zero.
  • No gluten, dairy, eggs, soya or nuts. Suitable for all diets.
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Cruelty-free: never tested on animals

Contains high quality acacia gum

We use a very specific brand that contains at least 90% of the polysaccharide to ensure its properties.

It also has several advantages: its digestive tolerance is good (it causes less gas), it is low in calories (only 1.3 – 1.8kcal/g) and its glycemic index is almost 0, making it suitable for diabetics.

Who is Living Silica Collagen Booster suitable for?

It is recommended for all those who suffer from joint pain and who wish to prevent the signs of ageing.

It is also highly recommended as a supplement for sportsmen and women. Particularly for those who are physically demanding.

How do you take it?

It depends on your objective.

If you consume few foods with silica in your diet and want to avoid a deficiency, it is sufficient to take 2 capsules a day about 30 minutes before a meal.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits I have mentioned quickly, then go up to 4-8 capsules a day.

Finished with your healthy snack? Then it’s time to take action and take care of yourself with the new Living Silica Collagen Booster. Give it a try and let us know, we’d be delighted to hear how you got on.

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