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White clay: properties that make it your ideal cosmetic product

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White clay is a fantastic product for the skin of the face, body and hair. Its multiple properties provide us with significant benefits quickly and naturally.

We discover this treasure of nature that will become your best beauty and care ally.

What is white clay?

White clay is rock dust formed by the accumulation of sediments, formed from particles of other rocks rich in granulated minerals that have been transported by wind or water.

White clay, or kaolin, owes its name to the place it was discovered, the Chinese Kao-Ling (Kaolin) mountain. Since ancient times, its valuable health properties have been used for therapeutic, medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

These properties are due to its richness in minerals, especially silica, whose virtues for the skin are well known.

White clay has a high percentage of silica, around 48%, so its properties are particularly interesting for skincare. Silica is a fundamental trace element that is increasingly valued for its multiple benefits for the whole organism.

White clay: properties

White clay has hundreds of natural properties, hence its diversity of uses. This article will talk about its properties in the cosmetic field, where its qualities as a cleanser, purifier, and soothing and stimulating cell renewal stand out.

● It acts as a skin disinfectant, cleansing the skin and eliminating impurities and dead cells.

● Smoothes fine lines and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

● It has a high absorption capacity.

● Its richness in minerals gives it a high nourishing ability.

● Thanks to its high silica content, it contributes to the skin’s regenerative process by boosting collagen and elastin synthesis.

● It is soothing and refreshing. Therefore, it helps treat dermatitis and psoriasis as it relieves itching and does not dry out the skin. You can use it as a poultice to decongest and soothe flaking skin. We recommend complementing the care with a cream such as Soriaskin, a daily use cream based on silicon and echinacea that protects skin prone to dryness and flaking.

Benefits of white clay

We explain the specific benefits of white clay for the face, body and hair.


White clay is suitable for all skin types, and its pH (acidity level) is similar to that of our skin. We explain everything it can do on our face:

● It regulates the skin’s sebum and unclogs pores.

● Its regenerative power gives an instant lifting effect to our face. Add the power of the white clay facial mask to the daily use of Silicium Rosehip cream, which combines the benefits of silica with the virtues of rosehip for the skin.

● It helps to lighten and fade skin blemishes.

● Provides radiance.

Nourishes and moisturises.

● It is astringent, which makes it a great help in eliminating acne.


We can also take advantage of the incredible properties of white clay in the body. Here are some of its benefits.

● Its high mineral content moisturises and nourishes our skin.

● Due to its vasoconstrictive capacity, it has a decongestant effect for tired legs or varicose veins.

● It is deodorant. Its powdery texture and the presence of minerals make it suitable for combating excess perspiration.

●Applied together with an oil such as argan oil, it prevents stretch marks thanks to its moisturising power.

G7 Liporeduct Silicium
G7 Liporeduct+

●Combats cellulite and flaccidity thanks to its tightening effect. Suppose you want to treat cellulite and stretch marks together. In that case, you can complete your skincare routine with G7 LipoReduct+, an anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark treatment based on organic silica, antioxidants, Ivy extract and Fucus Vesiculosus. G7 Liporeduct+ reduces the accumulation of fat and orange peel skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


The virtues of white clay also help make hair healthier and more robust. White clay’s antiseptic, nourishing and purifying properties make it an ideal product for all hair types. We detail it below:

● Combats dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis naturally.

Nourishes the hair in depth thanks to its mineral richness.

Cleansing action on the hair and scalp.

G7 Beauty Silicium
Silicium G7 Beauty

● Massaging the scalp helps prevent alopecia mixed with a few drops of an effective essential oil, such as rosemary, thyme, or lavender. Enhance the benefits of white clay by strengthening the hair structure with Silicium G7 Beauty, which contains organic silicon, selenium, and vitamin E, stimulating keratinocytes and improving hair follicle development.

How to apply white clay

As you can see, the properties of white clay make it an essential natural cosmetic on your dressing table.

Here’s how to use it to take advantage of all its benefits.

Facial mask

Restore a fresh, rested look to your face while reaping all the benefits of white clay for your skin.

Using white clay as a mask allows it to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and exfoliate.


We recommend applying it once a week while you spend some time relaxing and taking care of your skin.

 It is easy to prepare:

Do not use any metal container to make the mask as the white clay could lose its properties.

● In a plastic or glass bowl, mix five tablespoons of white clay powder with demineralised, chlorine-free water and stir until a paste-like texture is achieved. You can also use rose water and add its benefits to those of the white clay.

●Once the mixture is made, spread it all over the face and neck, leave it on for about twenty minutes, and then remove it with lukewarm water.

Do not allow the mask to dry completely before removing it so that it does not absorb all the moisture.

Bath with white clay

Adding white clay to your bath water will soften your skin and give it extra cleansing benefits.


● Mix two tablespoons of white clay with mineral water in a large bowl to which you can add two or three drops of essential oil of your choice.

● Add the mixture to warm bathwater, and you’re done. When finished, gently pat the skin dry.

White clay and argan oil massage

Deeply nourish and moisturise your skin by harnessing the properties of both products.

Mix half a tablespoon of white clay with three tablespoons of argan oil and massage into your body. It is perfect for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

White clay hair mask

The preparation of this mask is similar to the one for the face.

● Put three tablespoons of white clay in a bowl and ad mineral water, and stir until you get a pasty texture without lumps.

●Apply the mixture to a damp scalp and massage with your fingers so that it penetrates well.

●Leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash your hair.

White clay properties are a treasure for your skin

White clay is a highly sought-after star ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products. Please take advantage of all its properties and benefits simply and naturally.

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