The G5 is even better absorbed if taken at room temperature.
It can be stored anywhere at home as long as it isn’t exposed to direct sun light.

(Dr Le Ribault - From his official website


If the room temperature is not too high, it is not necessary to keep Silicium refrigerated. The most important is to keep it out of direct heat or  light, in a cool place like a cupboard.

In the case of hot weather, it is better to keep  silicium in the fridge. This will allow the product to retain all its properties once open.

A bottle of liquid silicum (unopened) normally has an expiry date of 3 years. After this period, it is better not to be consumed. If in doubt, look at the contents of the bottle against a light to see if there is a deposit on bottom of the bottle. If a deposit has formed (this means crystallization has occurred), therefor the product is no longer consumable.

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