To do a  compress with liquid organic silicon: Soak a wad of cotton wool or a gauze the size of the area to be treated. In order to prevent evaporation, cover the compress with an air tight bandage.

How do I wrap the compress? The best way is to use plastic cling film (the same used in your kitchen) to wrap small joints without using plasters.

How long should I keep the compress on? If possible, throughout the day or night or at least for an hour.

Are there any side effects? Sometimes tingling can be felt (usually described as an electric pulse), or a  sensation of hot/cold. This is normal. However the product can be acting completely normally without any sensation being felt.

Why are organic silicon compresses so effective against pain? Organic silicon acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. The plastic film used as a bandage, prevents  evaporation and allows better penetration into the skin, for a longer time. This is why Organic Silicon is so effective against pain.

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