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No matter what time of year it is, there is always an infection. Winter? A cold that will bring you down. Summer? Diarrhoea that makes you doubt any restaurant you've ever been to. Apart from many others, of course. Including the one that affects us today. Luckily, to prevent them we can strengthen the immune system in a natural and simple way with products as effective as organic silica.


How important do you think it is to take care of the brain to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's? Both are neurodegenerative diseases that cause progressive neurological deterioration. It takes years before they are diagnosed.


lack of silica in the body produces obvious symptoms. We are talking about a trace element that is essential for health. It is involved in the synthesis of natural collagen and thus helps various tissues and organs to function properly. Bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood vessels, brain, etc.


Organic silica is an essential trace element for health that is recommended to be ingested in maximum absorption supplements, among which flavourless liquid formulas stand out. For example, Silicium G7 Original Bio-dynamised, which is drinkable straight from the bottle with a dispenser, can be included in fresh, healthy and delicious recipes.


As if it were an official Netflix trailer, today we would like to announce the latest release we have at Silicium: Living Silica Collagen Booster in capsules. An exclusive natural collagen synthesis booster that is tremendously effective.


In the 1970s, Loïc Le Ribault observed that when he played with the sand in his hands, his psoriasis improved a lot. It turned out that that sand was very rich in organic silica. After that, he became interested in this mineral and, years later, created Silicium G5, a patent that he bequeathed to Silicium España Laboratorios.


I'm sure it's happened to you. Summer starts, you remember how red you got last year and you think: "this time I'll get to September with perfect skin". But then you go on a trip, you forget your sunscreen (you're not even aware of it), and the next morning you're already looking for sunburn remedies again.


Here's a little game for you. If you get these 2 questions correct, we'll give you a spectacular anti-aging smoothie recipe at the end of the article. Here's the first one: do you think that accumulating metals in the body is a good thing? And the second one, a bit more specific: do you think it's essential to know how to eliminate aluminium from the body?

3, 2, 1... time! 


There comes an age when every woman experiences a hormonal tipping point in her body and.... Why is it so hot, why am I so irritable, what's with the wrinkles, what's going on? These are the symptoms of the climacteric. Luckily you have a whole repertoire of menopause supplements to help you enjoy the menopause without any problems.


We really dislike wrinkles on our faces. We don't worry about them until one day... "Well, where did that crease come from?” They appear suddenly to become one of the signs that make us look older. 


Although it cannot be completely cured, there is an extensive repertoire of options to treat psoriasis. Corticosteroids, retinoids, biological drugs... A whole range that leaves room for less aggressive natural alternatives that can be used as excellent allies.


Nowadays, it is well known that it is necessary to warm up before and cool down afterward to avoid discomfort when training. However, sometimes this is not enough, and different pains arise. Why? Perhaps you are not providing in your diet the necessary vitamins and minerals to regenerate muscle tissue.