The following study "in vitro" of SILICIUM confirms the effectiveness of G5 in collagen production. The results show that  Organic Silicon G5 does not present any cytotoxicity regarding human fibroblasts.

Collagen evaluation index: The separation and identification of hydroxyproline was carried out by reversed phase HPLC. Fluorescence peaks, after integration, allowed to calculate the concentration of hydroxyproline in the culture medium.

The results show that G5 organic silicon significantly increases the level of human collagens produced by fibroblasts (13% and 19%) compared with the original sample.

The conclusion of the test of the organic silica G5 under the experimental conditions used:

1. induces cytotoxicity in concentrations of (0.2%, 0.5% and 1%)

2. induces a significant increase in the level of collagen of 13% and 19% respectively for concentrations of 0.5% and 1%, in cultured human fibroblasts compared with the original sample.


Alonso JC, "Dosage of collagen neo-synthesis". Institut d'Expertise Clinique Espagne, 2008

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