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2. General questions about silica

What are the benefits of silica for the human body?

Silica is an essential mineral for healthy bones, skin, hair, nails and joints. Among its many benefits, the main ones are:

  1. It facilitates the mineralization of calcium. On the one hand, this causes stabilization of excess calcium in people suffering from bone spurs. On the other hand, it notably improves calcium deficiency as occurs in osteoporosis and strengthens brittle nails.
  2. It increases the flexibility of the bone. Silica is also a bone density facilitator, strengthening bone and cartilage structure.
  3. It enhances the increase of the signal of the nervous system. Improving the speed of the nerve impulses that allows a faster activation and response of the body.
  4. Maintains healthy connective tissue and organs. Assists in the formation and structure of connective tissue fibers that support the skin.
  5. Stimulates the process of cell renewal in the skin. Allows the skin to regain a radiant, lively appearance through the formation of new cells.
  6. Activates the enzyme responsible for collagen synthesis and prevents degradation of elastin. Main responsible for the elasticity of the skin and all the joints.
  7. Promotes the development of cartilage. Improves flexibility and minimizes joint pain.
  8. It binds heavy metals such as aluminum to remove it from the body. Reducing the absorption and retention of aluminum.
  9. Reinforces hair health. It is a decisive component for a healthy and strong hair, increases the thickness of the hair shaft follicle.

You can find many more benefits of silica and related articles by browsing our blog. Do not miss it!

Is it possible to get enough silica from the power supply?

No, current diets do not cover the daily requirement of silica which is about 15-35 mg/day. Independent studies have shown that oral consumption of silica from food only has a 2-3% absorption rate in adults. Silica levels in the body decrease with age, with absorption being much higher in the early years of life (adolescent, pre-adolescent).

Can you get enough silica by consuming horsetail in tablet or powder form?

The same British study mentioned in previous questions indicates that horsetail extract has only a 4-5% absorption rate. It has also been shown that excessive consumption of horsetail extract can be harmful to the body as it puts enormous pressure on the liver, kidneys and urinary tract. Horsetail extract also has other contraindications, as it should never be taken by someone who has blood clotting problems and/or is taking heart medication.

3. About our products

What is the difference between the G5 Original and the G5 Siliplant?

We'll solve your problem! Silicium G5 Original is a silica of mineral origin. Its raw material comes from rocks called silicates, which are treated in the laboratory, its final molecule is organic. This means that a carbon atom is attached to its molecule, making it more stable and assimilable.

  • Recommended use of the Original G5: it is recommended for long skin problems or diseases and external applications; also for autoimmune or rare diseases.
Silicium G5 Siliplant, on the other hand, is the natural version of G5 Original, as it is of plant origin, from certified organic farming. Its natural molecule, called orthosilicic acid (OSA) is very unstable in nature, but thanks to our process and exclusive treatment in Siliplant it remains stable. It has no artificial preservatives, only a natural preservative: rosemary.
  • Recommended use of G5 Siliplant: it is more beneficial for joint, muscle or tendon problems, as well as detoxification of aluminum from the body.

How is Silicium silicon different from other silicon products on the market?

Silicium products have the highest absorption value on the market, according to extensive clinical trials conducted by an independent research project in the UK. This is because it consists of a bonding of silica molecules with water, while other silica products are a suspension of silica within a liquid, gel or powder.

It should also be noted that it is the only true organic and biological silica on the market. This is important because our bodies absorb and use organic-based minerals. Inorganic minerals are more difficult for our bodies to use.

Do your products have any restrictions?

Our silica products are compatible with any medication or dietary supplement, although if you are looking for a greater effect it is better to allow a space of one hour before or after taking the medication.

Also, silica and calcium compete for the same absorption, so it is best to wait for a digestive cycle of 4 to 6 hours between the consumption of one and the other.

Contraindications with other products and/or medicines

Our silica products are completely non-toxic and have no restrictions or contraindications for use with other products, including prescription pharmaceuticals.

How long should a bottle last me?

Each bottle of our products includes a measuring cup. It contains 66.65 servings at 15 ml per day, so one bottle can last you a total of 66 days.