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Clinical Studies

Silicium Laboratories, the silica experts

Since 2003, Silicium has been manufacturing the authentic formula of Doctor of Science Loïc Le Ribault, pioneer and creator of liquid organic silica, a product protected by patent:

"Composition for therapeutic use comprising organic silicon compounds" priority patent number FR8519204A, and European EP0228978A1 and EP0228978B1, and in the USA with patent US5391546. 

Since 2011 SILICIUM LABORATORIES, by the will of Dr Loïc Le Ribault is the owner of this intellectual property, its patents and trademarks. Therefore, it is the only company authorized to use 'organic silica of Loïc Le Ribault', different and more advanced than Norbert Duffaut's. Since then, Silicium continues to lead dozens of studies and actions to improve the quality of its products.

Our Barcelona-based laboratory has facilities authorised to manufacture medicines for the EU under European Medicines Agency (EMA) regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our products are manufactured according to pharmaceutical-grade standards, even stricter than those of a food or dietary supplement plant.

A few years ago, we demonstrated in other studies in patients with bone and joint problems the effect of silica in reducing joint pain, improving quality of life and improving mobility. Our preclinical studies in cells have shown that silica in bone precursor cells increases collagen synthesis and promotes its mineralization.

FSSC 22000


Committed to the quality of our products, we have been, ISO 22000:2018, ISO/TS 22002-5:2019 and Additional FSSC 22000 requirements (version 5.1) certified for Food Safety and Safety for three years. We comply with the highest quality standards in the food supplements market, enabling us to provide our customers with value-added products.
Opinion European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)


In 2016 the highest food safety authority in the European Union issued its opinion on the use of MMST as a safe ingredient for oral consumption in food supplements: “Safety of organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol, MMST) as a novel food ingredient for use as a source of silicon in food supplements and bioavailability of orthosilicic acid from the source” (EFSA-Q-2013-00874). This positive opinion is part of the process for the subsequent authorization of MMST as a novel ingredient in the EU. 

It should be emphasized that this is NOT a patent granted to a particular company. Since 20 December 2017, the responsible European body has authorized this ingredient in the EU for use in food supplements for human consumption. This information is published in COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2017/2470 of 20 December 2017, establishing the Union list of novel foods according to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 of the European Parliament and the Council on novel foods.

Efficacy Studies

Estudios clinicos

We present one of our most recent studies on two ingredients containing MMST and OSA in the image. The anti-ageing effect is evaluated, and the cosmetic benefits are measured: improvement of hair, skin and nails.

   Stability studies     
to ensure the quality and safety of products throughout their shelf life. Our products have a long history of research before going on sale.

   Quality assurance   
All our products are analyzed during the manufacturing process to guarantee the quality and innocuousness of each batch produced.
Based on the absence of pathogenic or harmful microorganisms, we evaluate physicochemical parameters such as pH and density and silica, monomethylsilanotriol and silicic acid content using state-of-the-art analysis techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and chromatography.

   Comparative bioavailability   
We have conducted bioavailability research to compare which products are best absorbed by humans and thus offer the best formulations.

  • Studies conducted with Loïc Le Ribault monomethylsilanotriol:

Phase I studies OCDE 471: AMES Bacterial Reverse Mutation Study, OCDE 473: Chromosomal Aberration, OCDE 474: Mouse Micronucleus, OCDE 407: 14 days Repeated oral toxicity for 14 days
Phase II study OCDE 408: 90-day repeated oral toxicity.

All these studies demonstrate the non-toxicity of the product, its inability to produce genetic aberrations or mutations or to cause cancer.


  • Elimination of preservatives:

We don’t use chemical products, nor do we add everyday toxics in the disinfection of bottles for liquid products such as peracetic acid or ethylene oxide, both with the possibility of generating harmful residues for the health.

Our treatment to sterilize the product does not produce any residue.

Silicium Laboratories Patents

Apart from those mentioned above by Loïc Le Ribault, thanks to our research vision to always be the best in the field of organic silica, we’ve international patents protecting new developments in silicon in the area of silanols in solid and powder form with high bioavailability:  


In conclusion, after almost 20 years of manufacturing silica products, our company can offer the original Loïc Le Ribault product with the best possible quality, reliability and efficiency. Experts in different silica forms have improved ingredients and products and developed new patented forms of silica. We’re taking as a starting point ALWAYS the legacy of Dr Le Ribault and taking it to another level through our expertise as a company.

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Quality of life

Studies developed by the MERIEUX NUTRISCIENCE center confirmed that our products are very effective for joint problems, reducing pain and improving joint mobility.
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Benefits for the skin

Research by FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF JUIZ DE FORA concluded that G7 capsules and the Siliplant G7 and G7 Original supplements are effective in improving the condition of skin, hair and nails, as well as reducing wrinkles.
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Higher Silica content

Ortofarma Laboratory concluded that, compared to other samples on the market, Orgono Powder® has a higher content of soluble Silica, being the silica with the best bioavailability on the market.
Descarga Estudios clínicos

We work to provide you with the most effective solution for your wellbeing


Dr. B. Housez
France - 2012

Group of participants with Arthrosis and
joint problems. 6 weeks of treatment, administration
of G5 Siliplant orally 30mL, and application of gel

87% improved joint mobility
83% improved their quality of life
77% decreased their pain

Bone mass

Dr. del Bas
Spain - 2014

Treatment: SILICIUM G5, in vitro culture of MG-63
Osteoblast Cells (bone precursors) in 15 days of treatment. 

40% Increase in calcium deposit
12% Increase in collagen production

G5 Siliplant


Dr. N. Boqué
Spain - 2015

Silicon absorption was measured in healthy humans,
a single comparative dose was administered,
to evaluate the absorption of silicon from each food supplement.
Between 2 and 100 times more assimilable
than competing products

Living Silica

Molecular form

Dr. M. Trila
Spain - 2017

The high content of monomeric silicic acid in Silicium Spain's
liquid and solid products is quantified as part of the quality assurance process.
Silicium España's orthosilicic acid is found in high proportion in the
most assimilable form. in a high proportion in the most assimilable form.

G7 Beauty


Dr. Anderson
Brasil - 2018

Clinical trial in middle-aged women, administered
for 150 days, 5mg Silicon/day

75% Wrinkle improvement
50%  Increase in eyelash length
40% Decrease in UV spots
32% Improved nail hydration

Gel G5

Absorption through the skin

Dr. Polonini
Brasil – 2019

The study evaluated silicon content, ex vivo skin permeation,
cytotoxicity with cell viability assay and antioxidant activity.
60% Silicon absorption through the skin

Orgono sport recovery

In vitro bioavailability

Bf-Fox Techologies
Brasil - 2019

Comparative of brand X shows "E" and another Brand shows "N",
by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrophotometry (ICP-MS),
and quantified the content of soluble silicon in aqueous medium.

It is concluded that Orgono Powder® has a higher content of
soluble silicon compared to other samples on the market.

High-dose safety

Dr. Preece
EEUU – 2020

Highest dose of silicon ever tested in humans
Does not produce any adverse effects

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