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The biography of Loic le Ribault:

Two articles published by the Association of Complementary Medicine in the "Holistic Medicine" magazine: The resistance of L. le Ribault:

Martin Walker

Article from Martin J. Walker

Article of the writer, journalist and activist Martin J. Walker about the traditional and contemporary usage of the silica for the human health:

ORGONO SPORTS RECOVERY SUPPLEMENT is a product which contains organic silica created from the original formula of Dr. Loic le Ribault. ORGONO was mentioned in international specialized magazines: the novelty and efficiency of this active ingredient which is nowadays destined to athletes and it is based on a potentiated formula.

Down below we will reveal several extracts from English books and magazines (HM Health Matters, CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine), USA magazines (Acres USA, Eating for Beauty), French (Practiques de Santé) and Spanish ones (DSalud, Athanor, Medicina Holística, Diario Avui) that in the last years were making flattering remarks in relation with the ORGONO product and in general with the organic silica of Dr. le Ribault.

“Aliméntate para estar bella”, David Wolfe

"ORGONO LIVING SILICA- is one the most curative products on the market. Suffice is to say that this silica is miraculous. It is presented as an ionized silica water".

Extract of the book "Aliméntate para estar bella", of theUSAGuru David Wolfe, author of innumerable books and enthusiastic leader of the "rawfoodist" movement.

"Let’s move backwards to November 23, 2005. The Chiropractor Dr. Richard Orlee was handling a puck in a very controversial ice hockey game. (…). Olree barged into the goal and other players suffered shattered elbows, 3 months of convalescence and only 50% were recuperated after one year and a half. A damaged arm is not a good solution for a Chiropractor. We just finished the book ¨Minerals for the genetic code¨ at that moment and the number 40 (silica) from the genetic periodic table of Orlee was still fresh in the memory (…) it was an uncertain moment for the Orlee to fight against the pain. Even countless cortisone injections could not help. The possibility of a surgery seemed only another path towards the pain. At best, Olree would dispense with approximately 50% of his previous capacities.

(…) After few months of treatment with Orgono Living Silica, he managed to recuperate almost 100%. Surprised by the results, he is now including this special silica in his medical practice".

Article "Silica and the Microbes Kiss" by Charles Walters, monthly magazine Acres de Austin,Texas, October 2007, specialised in organic farming.

"The osteoarthritis, the arthrosis, the osteoporosis, the ankylosing spondylitis and the joint pain are some of the diseases where the organic silica has demonstrated its benefits. Despite the fact that the calcium and the vitamin D have an important role in the bone health, Edith Carlisle from theUCLAUniversity,PublicHealthSchool, highlighted for the first time in 1970 the role of silica in this field. She discovered the impact of silica on the bone formation, and how it affects the composition of the cartilage.Carlisledemonstrated that the silica is located in the areas of active bone growing. According to the research in nutrition of the doctors Carol Seaborn and Forrest Nielsen, there is no doubt that the lack of silica affects the bone health. They concluded that the silica seems to affect the rate of bone calcification and also can be an important factor in disorders characterised by an imbalance between the bone formation and reabsorption. Due to the fact that silica affects the cartilage composition, including the articular one, Seaborn and Nielsen suggested that an inadequate level of silica in one’s diet can lead to some joint disorders as the arthrosis."

Magazine CAM, February 2009,London. "Promoting the bone and cartilage health."

"Vital for the collagen formation, the silica is also important for bones, cartilages and connective tissue (including ligaments, tendons, arteries, the aorta and the trachea), as well as skin, hair and nails. It is also considered to be efficient in strengthening the teeth and gums, treating burns and wounds, as well as rebuilding and maintaining the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. As people age, the collagen formation becomes less effective and the level of silica in the organism reduces. It is widely believed that these two factors contribute to the conditions of aging, as joint wearing out, osteoporosis, wrinkled skin and hardening of the arteries."

The magazine Health Matters December 2008 "The silica" by Sue McGeoch, with a degree in Nutrition.

"… silica’s positive effect was noticed on young persons with sport injuries, as epicondylitis, which is also called ¨tennis elbow¨, an injury that is rebellious to any other treatment and needs surgery measures. With the silica treatment, the injury healed in few weeks. The same efficiency could be proved in racehorses, with injuries rebellious to conventional treatments which impeded them to run and which could be healed with the supply of silica".

Athanor magazine, October 2006: the article "The organic silica".

"… Carlisle demonstrated that silica acts like an activating element of the prolylhydroxilase, which is an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the collagen. Due to its ability to re-establish the bioelectrical balance of the extracellular matrix, it intervenes adjusting the viscosity of the basic substance, which is at the same time basic for its good functioning¨… ¨it is implied in the formation of the connective tissue, giving it consistence and resistance, responsible of the ionic balance of the metabolism and of the water from this tissues. The scientific Schwartz observed 500 ppm of silica combined with hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, dermatan and heparin in the skin collagen and tendons, and between 1000 and 2000 ppm of silica in form of silanolate (organic) making connections that create the configuration of the structural organization of the glycosaminoglycans and polyuronides. Carlisle confirms in her studies the structural appearance of the silica in the connective tissue, as a connective element between polysaccharides and proteins. Schwartz and Carlisle detected also the role of silica in the osteogenesis. It was demonstrated that in animals that were presenting silica deficiency was noticed also a deficiency of the organic bone matrix (collagen) and cartilage matrix, and that the problem could be healed by a supply of silica. A diet poor in silica results in delayed growth and a fragility of bones and cartilages, having a negative impact on the collagen formation and of the bone mineralization".

"Holistic Medicine" magazine, 76, July 2006. Association of Complementary Medicine.

"During several years we made investigations that indicated the role of silica in building and maintaining healthy the bones, brain and blood vessels. Also, we discovered that silica could be a triggering cause of some tissue-related diseases. This element deserves more attention on the part of the clinical and scientific communities. Many studies confirmed the important role of silica in preventing chronic diseases linked to aging. Surprisingly, the clinicians ignored o considered minor the investigations. During 20 years, the fight to bring back the importance of silica was headed by Dr. Edith Carlisle. Recently, I decided to join the fight".

Nutrition Today magazine, August 1993

By Carol D. Seaborn and Forrest H. Nielsen. Is the silica a beneficial element for bones, brain and blood vessels?

Pratiques de Santé magazine, Port Royaleditions, February 2007

"The silica is considered to be a panacea (…) it is vital for the organism, which needs it to maintain the flexibility and integrity of the main part of organic tissues. The silica, a mythic product in the natural medicine (…) protects the bones and joints".

"Degenerative arthritis or arthrosis. The strengthening action of the silica on the connective tissue may become noticeable with its effects (would be wrong to call them therapeutic) on degenerative arthritis or arthrosis, and as it is common, results in a degeneration and even disappearance of the periarticular connective tissue; connective tissue disorders. Generally, in case of arthritis, the effects are very rapid, with a dosage of only 20 mg of silica per day, and slower in advanced arthrosis which requires a higher dosage. In most of the cases, in more or less extent, there is a positive response which presents pain mitigation and also an improvement in the join mobility (movement angle). This could indicate a silica deficit which can be corrected by recovering a normal level of it by an adequate silica supplementation. This supply can not be considered therapeutic, since it should be part of a balance diet".

Académico Supernumerario Excmo. Sr. D. Enrique Ronda Laín el 19 de Abril de 1995

The silica and degenerative bone diseases. Conference given by the academician Dr. Enrique Ronda Laín, Abril 19, 1995.


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From the November 2007 Idaho Observer: "A Tribute to Loic le Ribault"

The extraordinary importance of the Le Ribault discovering and its applications is quite evident. Because of them, Le Ribault was known wherever he went in France. People who had never met, were approaching to him and giving thanks for all he had done. This persons also helped the Doctor when he needed.