Management Responsibility

Commitment to food safety

Silicium España Laboratorios is a company committed to ensuring the effective management of the safety and security of food supplements, follows the requirements of the ISO 22000-2018 food safety management system, and strictly complies with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to meeting the quality and safety expectations demanded by our customers is a hallmark of our company.

Objectives of the Food Safety System

Ensuring food safety

Compliance with regulations and legislation applicable to food supplements

Investing in innovation and development

Encourage staff training

Date 06/05/2019

Food Safety Policy

The Quality and Food Safety Policy of SILICIUM ESPAÑA LABORATORIOS, S.L. has the main objective of providing its customers with safe products that meet the agreed requirements and the needs of consumers and society in general.

Innocuousness is a commitment of the Company and an individual responsibility of each member of the group, which must be expressed in concrete actions that reflect internally and externally an image of SILICIUM ESPAÑA LABORATORIOS, S.L., which identifies with professionalism and product quality.

Therefore we guide our actions to:

ASSURE FOOD HARMLESSNESS: Ensure safety standards for the products we sell. To constantly control that we respond at all times to the demands and expectations of our clients and consumers.

COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS: To commit ourselves to the compliance with all regulations and laws that are applicable to us and to those organizations or groups of which we are a part, as well as any other requirement that the entity subscribes to related to food safety.

PROVIDE RESOURCES: To provide adequate means so that all personnel can freely identify and eliminate the obstacles that prevent them from improving the quality of their work.

PROVIDE EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: To maintain fluid communication, both internal and external, that allows giving an answer to the information demands related to the food safety management system. Maintain interactive communication in order to favor the continuous improvement of the food safety management system through the proposals of improvement of our staff and customers.

TO PROMOTE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: To consider the continuous improvement of quality as a permanent objective, which increases the quality perceived by our customers and the prevention of contamination.

PREVENT ERRORS: Correct those non-conformities that occur, but emphasize prevention to avoid repetition.

PARTICIPATION OF THE STAFF: To favor a participative environment among the employees, integrating them in the common objective and improving the communications that facilitate teamwork, individual recognition, and suggestions for improvement.

ETHICS: To work at all times within the strictest professional ethics.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Delivering products and services that satisfy the customer, every time.

COMPLIANCE WITH TIME LIMITS: To consider the execution of the order deadlines, punctuality and to maintain the trust between our customers and suppliers as key points in the daily management of the Company.

INNOVATION: To maintain a high level of innovation in the development and manufacture of its products, within the framework of a permanent system of continuous improvement.

TRAINING: To promote the necessary training to achieve highly qualified staff. That all personnel has up-to-date training in food hygiene, providing the means and facilities that allow them to maintain high standards of hygiene.

The Management undertakes to review this policy annually and to make the necessary adjustments to the Food Safety Management System to ensure that it remains in line with legal requirements, that it continues to produce safe, quality products and that the effectiveness of the system is continually improved.

This Food Safety Management System Policy will serve as a framework for the establishment of the annual Objectives, and for their revision. The Food Safety Management System Policy will be publicly displayed at the facilities of SILICIUM ESPAÑA LABORATORIOS, S.L. and is also made known to the company's personnel and is available to the public.

Signed: 06/05/2019

Technical Director: Ph.D. Fabiola Medina