Orgono Powder

Silicium España Laboratories is developing high value-added silicon formulations for the food supplement industry.

We are highly specialized in the development and synthesis of high absorption silicon molecules.

Silicium España Laboratories makes available for your company, formulas, and silicon products to use as an ingredient in bulk or under your own private label.

Ingredients in bulk:

Silicon Laboratories offers bulk silicon ingredients for your line of powders, capsules, liquid supplements, juices, waters, and cosmetics like creams and gels.

We are a global supplier of oral and cosmetic silicon ingredients for Personal Care and Cosmetics applications.

We offer innovative ingredients for formulations in skin care, hair care and cosmetics.

Active ingredients available:

MMST. Monomethylsilanetriol in liquid and gel.

Microencapsulated orthosilicic acid powder.


ORGONO SILICA POWDER®, microencapsulated orthosilicic acid with maltodextrin, 20 kg can. Without preservatives. Silicon concentration: 1.5%

ORGONO SILICA LIQUID®: Cans of 25 liters. Concentrated at 720 mg/liter of Si

Gel: 25-liter jerricans

Comparative absorption:

Silicium Laboratoires analyzes the content of silicic acid, monomethylsilanetriol and elementary silicon, using UV-VIS spectrophotometry, nuclear magnetic resonance and ICP-IES spectrometry techniques to guarantee the quality of our products in each batch. With this, we guarantee the highest quality and the molecules with the best bioavailability of silicon, which translates into speed and efficiency in the results.

Comparación de diferentes formulaciones:

Monomethylsilanotriol by Silicium Laboratoires (MMST). > 60%.

Orthosilicic acid stabilized with maltodextrin Silicium Laboratoires (Malt-OSA). > 30%.

Choline-stabilized Ortho Silicic Acid, Ch-OSA. 17%. From Biosil

Colloidal silica (CS). 1% of Hubner

Plant extracts: <5%

Dried fruits: 16%


Jugdaohsingh R, et al. The comparative absorption of silicon from different foods and food supplements.Br J Nutr. 2009 102(6): 825–834

Boque N, et al. Dietary study of the comparative bioavailability of three sources of silica-rich foods. Centro Tecnológico de Nutrición y Salud. 2014

MMST. Liquid and Gel.

Silicium is a producer and distributor of the food-grade oral silicon formula (MMST or Monomethylsilanetriol), developed by the scientist Dr. Loïc Le Ribault.

Le Ribault has popularized silicon worldwide after stabilizing a silicon form with a bioavailability ten times greater than any available silicon formula.


It is a microencapsulated orthosilicic acid with maltodextrin that offers to the cells one of the most easily absorbed forms of silica on the market today, as a powder that can also be mixed with liquids or liquid supplements.

One study demonstrated that ORGONO SILICA POWDER ® has a much higher bioavailability compared to other types of silicon. According to studies, the absorption of ORGONO SILICA POWDER ® is 50% higher than other types of silicon.

Why is it so important to choose the correct source of silica?

Developing a bioavailable silicon supplement requires years of experience and a great investment in a scientific investigation.

The effectiveness of silica is proportional to its bioavailability (absorption).

Silicon is a complex and unstable nutrient, its molecule tends over time to form long chains, polymerizes, and crystallizes making it impossible to assimilate it.

Humans cannot absorb long polymerized or crystallized silicon chains.

We need to obtain oligomeric silica, short-chain and not crystallized that our body can assimilate. The degree of polymerization of Si is inversely proportional to its absorption.

The human body absorbs silica as silicic acid or also as orthosilicic acid.

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