Topical use

Standard protocol for the topical application of Silicium 


Massage with Silicium G5 Gel

Spread a thin layer of gel on the skin and leave it for five minutes. Then massage it in, until the gel is completely absorbed. This operation can be repeated as often as deemed necessary. If redness of the skin starts showing stop the treatment for a few days. For a period of half an hour after each use, avoid using corrosive or toxic products on the treated skin (such as: insecticides, detergents, etc…).

Liquid Organic Silica Poultice

Use a cotton ball or gauze the size of the area to be treated, soaked in liquid Organic Silica. Secure the assembly to the skin and leave it for at least 20 minutes or until dry. After 20 minutes remove the poultice and let the skin dry.

The operation can be repeated as often as necessary if discomfort or pain persists.


Compresses of liquid organic silica

Soak in Organic silica a cotton ball or gauze the size of the area to be treated. To prevent evaporation, cover the cotton or gauze with plastic wrap (or food wrap). This way a compress used for problems with a joint, can be held around the limb. Keep it covered, if possible, throughout the day or night, or 1-hour minimum. Sometimes slight prickling, body heat or cold sensation has known to be felt.

However, if no sensation is perceived, this does not mean that the organic silicon is not acting.

compresa 2

Compresses of Silicium G5 Gel

Spread a thin layer of gel on the skin. To prevent evaporation of the product, cover it with cling film before it dries (food wrap can be used).

Keep it covered, if possible throughout the day or night, or for at least 1 hour.

Unctions of liquid organic silica 

unciones de silicium líquido

Inhalations of liquid organic silica

Inhalations can be carried out with the aid of a nebuliser: introduce 15 ml of liquid organic silica into the device's cup and breathe the cold vapour for 15 to 20 minutes, once or twice a day, depending on the desired results. This operation opens the bronchi of people with breathing problems and humidifies the bronchi and their secretions, facilitating their cleansing.
Vaporización de Silicio Orgánico Líquido

Vaporization of  liquid organic silica 

Fill a new, unused, pump-action spray bottle, with Organic Silicon. Spray the entire surface to be treated. Let dry in the open air or gently massage in until fully absorbed. Repeat various times the application to treat the affected area correctly.