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Take care of your skin with the natural cosmetics of Silicium Laboratories

The natural cosmetics developed by  Silicium Laboratories are the only ones that contain fifth-generation organic silica concentrated 4 times as the only aqueous base and enriched with natural oils. This combination promotes cellular nutrition, collagen and elastin regeneration, and skin hydration. In addition, it helps to minimize expression lines, giving the face a softer and satin touch.

(Anti-Aging Effects of Monomethylsilanetriol and Maltodextrin-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid on Nails, Skin and Hair - Anderson Oliveira Ferreira et al.  Magazine  Cosmetics 2018)

modo de empleo

Instructions for use

To keep the skin moisturized, firmer and more luminous, apply Silicium Rosa Mosqueta cream in circular movements morning and evening, with a completely clean face. You can apply it before using your make-up base, to prevent it from drying out.

To regenerate the skin in-depth and obtain a lifting and firming effect, apply the Silicium Regenerating Serum morning and evening, with a completely clean face. Then apply between 2 and 5 drops of the Essential Elixir oil and spread it out in a light massage.  

We recommend reading the book "Antiaging Natural" by Victoria Baras, expert  in Antiaging and bioenergy , in the book she explains that silicon is a healthy and affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery . Discover the key role of organic silicium G5 and G7 in the natural Antiaging program, ideal for regenerating the body and revitalizing the mind.

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