Differences between the original Silicium G5 and Siliplant G5

Silicium G5 Original is a silica of mineral origin whose raw material comes from certain rocks called silicates that undergo a treatment in the laboratory that depolymerizes and stabilizes them. Its final molecule is organic, which means that a carbon atom is attached to its molecule, making it more stable and assimilable. The name of this molecule is monomethylsilanetriol and its oral therapeutic application was developed by french Dr. Loïc Le Ribault. This product is available with preservatives or without preservatives. This preservative-free formula has undergone state-of-the-art low-temperature sterilization treatment, which guarantees the stability of the product.

The G5 Siliplant is the natural version of the Original G5, as it is of vegetable origin. It's vegetable ingredients are from certified organic farming. Its natural molecule called orthosilicic acid (OSA) is very unstable, but in Siliplant it is stabilized thanks to our exclusive process. Its concentration of elemental silicon is approximately 360 mg per liter, double that of the original G5. It was also formulated by Dr. Le Ribault. It does not contain artificial preservatives, but a natural preservative, rosemary, which together with a sterilization treatment guarantees the stability of the product.

The two formulas have been developed by Dr. Loïc Le Ribault, and have practically the same effects on the body. But if we had to specify a little more, we would recommend the original product for long-term problems, skin problems, and all external applications. Also for those with autoimmune or rare diseases. However, Siliplant is recommended for joint, muscle, tendon and ligament problems, and detoxification of aluminum and other heavy metals.


Doctor Loïc Le Ribault developed the first drinkable Organic Silicon in 1994 which he baptized with the name 'Silanol' and later: "SILICIUM G5" We distribute the original formula G5 and we are the only laboratory that has the patents and official marks of Dr. Le Ribault, who entrusted us with this mission and therefore we will keep the original formula as it is, although favoring Siliplant G5 for its natural preservative and higher concentration.

In 2010, the Silicium España laboratory launched G5 Siliplant, an oral food supplement based on natural silicon formulated in 2006 by Loïc Le Ribault.


Its organic monomeric formulas do not polymerize, i.e. they do not degrade and remain stable and perfectly assimilable to the organism. Silicium G5 Original can be taken and applied both orally and externally, including mucous membranes, without any contraindication.

There is a great difference in terms of assimilation between these two products and the majority of those present on the market which are based on extracts of polymerized plants, which means they cannot be assimilated, or on the basis of colloidal silica or even patented orthosilicic stabilized with choline, which has a much lower bioavailability.

Some people who are used to taking G5 Original may notice a slight difference in taste when taking G5 Siliplant due to its formulation (vegetable formula).