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Silicium Benefits

Do you lack silica? How to know if your organism asks for it

Organic silica is one of the most important essential trace elements for our organism, because it is involved in innumerable regenerative processes through the production of repairing collagen and other basic molecules such as elastin, the key to providing connective tissues with the necessary elasticity and consistency. For this reason, having an adequate concentration of this compound in the body is synonymous with good health and well-being.

The lack of this essential trace element for the human body can cause different problems from the age of 35, the assimilation of this compound through food is drastically reducedmaking it necessary to provide an extra dose of organic silica with which to maintain cell function at its optimal levels. 

What role does silicon play in the body?

Producción de colágeno

Production of repairing

Desarrollo de moléculas

Development of basic
molecules such as elastin

Eliminación de aluminio

Remove aluminium
from the body

Why is it important to maintain optimal levels of silica in the body?

  • Damage to hair, skin and nailsThe addition of silica will restore consistency to the hair and nails, reducing wrinkles in the skin and helping to rebuild it.
  • Wrinkles and sagging skinAs a glue, silicon helps keep body structures strong and flexible, being widely used worldwide for anti-aging treatments.
  • Fragile bones and sensitive teeth: The integrity of the bone matrix depends to a large extent on adequate levels of silica, helping to regain the bone mass that has been lost over the years. A lack of this compound is also associated with the appearance of cavities.
  • Fragility in muscles and tendonsAs an indispensable element in collagen synthesis, its function is vital to nourish muscles and tendons and to give them greater elasticity.
  • Nervous system pathologies. Senile dementiaDr Exley, a silica expert, says that the only way to remove aluminium from the body is by taking organic silica. There is a clear connection between Alzheimer's disease and high concentrations of aluminium in the body. The lack of this trace element is associated with the concentration of heavy metals in the body.

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Why choose Silicium G7?

Most importantly, our products contain  organic silicaIn other words, the only viable way to consume silica, through a food supplement, without the organism considering it a contaminant and eliminating it as waste. In addition, it is totally soluble, very available and assimilable, due to its configuration in monomeric short chains that avoids its crystallization and elimination by the body.

The Silicium G7, now improved and renamed Silicium G7 Dynamised, ontained in all the products of the Silicium Laboratoriesbrand has been formulated and endorsed by the scientific studies of Dr. Loïc Le Ribault, being the fifth generation of silica, the first drinkable, after 30 years of studies on silica.

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