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Our Origins

Our origins as SiliciumLab

Our history as SiliciumLab begins long before we were called that way. Our origin comes from a name, from someone who used today's science to improve health through natural medicine. The genesis of our studies, our challenges and our achievements as a reference brand in the field of organic silica were born with Loïc le Ribault and his research on organic silica. He was also a strong advocate of therapeutic freedom, of how and through which therapy everyone wants and decides to improve his health.

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My personal story

I am Juan Carlos Hierro, and together with Esther, my travel companion during all this time, I want to tell you my story, and the story of many who have made SiliciumLab what it is today. What we are. In 2003, I started to distribute Dr. Loïc Le Ribault's organic silica at that time I was eager to find out why this magic product, organic silica, gave such positive results so quickly, and sometimes prodigiously, in people with walking difficulties, with crises and outbreaks of sclerosis or with serious skin problems and scarring. Of course, I could not remain with the questions about something that was being the solution to the problems of others, to the pain of many people. I wanted to know so that I could learn and help others

Striving to achieve our goal

I needed to know more, much more. I was anxious, with that human vehemence, I wanted to discover how organic silica, really worked, from its origins. So, I set about contacting Dr. Le Ribault. But I must confess, it wasn't easy. It was difficult to the point of preventing me from having a meeting with him.

I suppose it goes without saying that perseverance, my healthy stubbornness, got results and I managed to contact him, granting me an interview in Switzerland. A few weeks later, I interviewed him. I admit, I was spellbound, perplexed, and fascinated by the immeasurable enormity of his person. Admired for his work and his person, I immediately invited him to give two conferences in Barcelona and Madrid. In a few months, I had already organized everything so that more people would know him and above all, to make his work with organic silica known.

In Barcelona, within the framework of the Natural Health Show Exposalud (May 2005), his conference in front of more than 500 health professionals and practitioners was an extraordinary and resounding success. In the following weeks, there was a flood of requests from professionals from all corners of Spain. Dr. Le Ribault had not been informed that there was such an active distributor of organic silica in Spain, and it was a pleasant surprise for him. There we were, eager to eat up the world by offering a product that was improving the quality of life of many people, the Doctor's 5th generation organic silica. So, surprisingly for me, Le Ribault offered us the manufacturing license for certain countries, and eventually, after solving some problems with his former partner, he granted us the license to manufacture and distribute the organic silica for the whole world.

Can you imagine the immense happiness and responsibility we felt at that moment? We were aware from the very moment of that concession. Work that we have been carrying out, with a lot of daily effort, for the last 20 years exclusively, and with coherence, professionalism, and care that has made us the market reference.

Esther y Joan Carles directores de Silicium Laboratories

Helping others to improve their quality of life

But let's go back to the beginning. Let's make a jump in time. I first heard about organic silica in 2002, when some old French friends of my parents brought me a bottle of organic silica from France, knowing that Esther, my wife, was suffering from severe back pain. After a few months, Esther recovered completely. Personal and emotional situations and circumstances that made my interest in organic silica grow. 

Now I had more reason to want to investigate more, to know it better, and to be able to help many more people. I was in a time of change in my life. As we have all lived them, or will live them, they are part of the process of life... and thank goodness for that! A sum of decisions where it was necessary to take steps in another direction. Without being satisfied with my job, and consequently, with my life, I saw in the organic silica an opportunity. An opportunity to improve professionally and personally. To put my path back on track.

We are the sum of our decisions, and SiliciumLab is a clear example of this

And then, everything changed. I am aware that we are the sum of our decisions. And I'm proud to have made that decision. The new job changed my life. And me. I went from disgust, apathy, and uneasiness, customers who gave me their discomfort, to happiness through the gratitude of people to whom we had improved the quality of life by improving their health. And with it, the desire to want to improve and continue growing.

Yes, that's the secret... in the desire and perseverance. 20 years after that meeting with Le Ribault, we are still excited. And it's not a utopia, nor a metaphor for life, but a reality. Every day at home, we commented with great emotion on the new positive experiences that our customers were passing on to us thanks to organic silica. And with great humility and respect, we continued working with organic silica, in which new areas of health it was beneficial, the doses, the duration of the treatments, and many other factors that motivated us to continue helping as many people as possible, to improve their quality of life.

Botes en la arena del silicio con mensaje dentro

Our SiliciumLab legacy

Our children grew up in that environment and were impregnated with that illusion, mine and Esther's, to improve the health of others and, over the years, when they did their university studies, and with a mixture of surprise, excitement, and pride, they both did their final projects on organic silica and our company SiliciumLab! For some parents, children are the greatest pride and their best life project. Or so it should always be.

With that uncertainty of parents that always involves us with doubts if we have done well. After all, we are human. Imagine then, knowing that our two children are an essential part of our company. Marc, the eldest son, took over our American company five years ago, leading a competitive and constantly growing market( With spectacular results and driven by the excitement of the organic silica project, he is doubling sales year after year. Our youngest daughter, Ariadna, just as excited as her brother, joined SiliciumLab in 2018, bringing that breath of fresh air to the company that was so needed. Young, restless, curious to know, to know, and to be able to contribute daily, not only thinking about what is the company of her parents but with the deep conviction of knowing that we are improving the quality of life of thousands of people.

People at the service of people

That's why, in SiliciumLab, we understand that quality and processes with optimal results require knowledge, tenacity, education, research, implementing what we have learned, and correcting what is wrong. But none of this would be possible if it weren't for the intense illusion and love that we put, not only as a family, but also as professionals. The team that is part of SiliciumLab is a group of people who, beyond their personal goals, have managed to express, with all our confidence in them, their professional goals, and make our brand philosophy, part of our daily DNA as a company consolidated over time. Thanks to all of you who have trusted us and continue to do so. Each of you, in one way or another, are part of SiliciumLab.