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Organic Silicium for Laboratories

At Silicium Laboratories we develop high value-added organic Silica formulations for the dietary supplement and active cosmetic industry. We are highly specialised in the development and synthesis of highly absorbed Silica molecules, helping the development and formation of tissues such as muscles, joints, skin, hair and nails. Likewise, we provide great value of cosmetic actives with endless properties, such as anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-cellulite, depigmentation, soft tissue restructuring and anti-inflammatory action

Original formula

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Our Living Silica formula ® was developed in 1995 by Dr. Loïc Le Ribault, who spent over 40 years in research.

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Living Silica® is a unique and effective formula designed explicitly for the most health-conscious consumer, who puts their well-being above all else.

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This silanol formula has a 64% absorption rate, which is many times higher than that of other types of organic silica from competitors.

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Silicium makes the silica formulas and products available to your company for use as a bulk ingredient or in a finished product under your own private label.

Our Bulk Ingredients

At Silicium Laboratories we are a global supplier and offer bulk silica ingredients for your line of powders, capsules, liquid supplements, juices, waters and cosmetics such as creams and gels.

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Active ingredients available

  • Monometilsilanetriol (MMST) in Liquid and Gel
  • Ácido ortosilícico microencapsulado acid powder.

Patented products

(ORGANOSILICON COMPOUND MICROPARTICLES AND PROCESS FOR THEIR PREPARATION" No. PCT/EP2019/055401) LIVING SILICA Maltrodextrin- Polvo Ácido Microencapsulated orthosilicic acid powder with maltodextrin. 20 kilogram drums. LIVING SILICA-. Acacia Gura - Polvo Goma de acacia Monometilsilanotriol Stabilised monomethylsilanotriol powder LIVING SILICA Liquido Monometilsilanotriol Without preservatives. Absorption 64%. 10L Bag in Box LIVING SILICA Liquid Monometilsilanotriol With preservatives (sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate) 25 L jerricans

Comparative absorption

Silicium Laboratories analyses the content of silicic acid, monomethylsilanotriol and elemental silicon, using UV-VIS spectrophotometry, nuclear magnetic resonance and ICP-IES spectrometry techniques to guarantee the quality of our products in each batch. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality and the molecules with the best silicon bioavailability against competitors, which translates into fast and effective results.

Comparison of different formulations

Monomethylsilanotriol (MMST). > 60 %. Orthosilicic acid stabilised with maltodextrin from Silicium Labs (Malto-OSA). > 30%. Choline-stabilized Ortho Silicic Acid, ChOSA . 17%. Of Biosil Colloidal silica (CS). 1% of Hubner Plant silica: <5%. Dry fruits: 16%.


Jugdaohsingh R, et al. The comparative absorption of silicon from different foods and food supplements.Br J Nutr. 2009 102(6): 825-834 Bogue N, et al. Estudio nutricional de la biodisponibilidad comparativa de tres fuentes de alimentos ricos en sílice. Centro Tecnológico de Nutrición y Salud.

MMST. Liquid and Gel

Silicium es productor y distribuidor de la fórmula de silicio bebible grado alimenticio (MMST o Monomethylsilanetriol), desarrollada por el científico Dr. Lciic Le Ribault. Le Ribault popularizó el silicio a nivel mundial al estabilizar una forma de silicio con una biodisponibilidad decenas de veces mayor que cualquier fórmula de dióxido de silicio disponible.

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It is a microencapsulated orthosilicic acid with maltodextrin that offers the cells one of the most easily absorbed forms of silica on the market today. It comes in a powder form that can also be mixed with solids or liquid supplements. A study showed that LIVING SILICA POWDER® has a much higher bioavailability compared to other types of silica. Why is it so important to choose the right source of silicon? Developing a bioavailable silicon supplement requires years of experience and a large investment in scientific research. The effectiveness of silica is proportional to its bioavailability (absorption). Silicon is by nature a complex and unstable element, its molecule tends over time to form long chains, polymerises and crystallises, becoming impossible to assimilate. Humans cannot absorb long chains of polymerised or crystallised silica. We need to obtain oligomeric, short-chain, non-crystallized silica that our body can assimilate. The degree of polymerisation of Si is inversely proportional to its absorption. The human body absorbs silica as silicic acid or also known as orthosilicic acid. For more information, contact us at: +34 877 44 99 48 or send us your email to: info@siliciumG5.com.