Paisaje en el bosque con rocas de silicio

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At Silicium Laboratories, we offer the best solutions based on organic silica and natural active ingredients; we have managed to obtain the most assimilable and effective form of silica currently available on the market.

For more than 18 years we have been working with care, perseverance and professionalism, with the aim of becoming a reference in the field of health and wellness, to help maintain a healthy and 100% natural lifestyle. Since 2003 and thanks to the discovery and research of Dr. Loïc le Ribaultt, we manufacture and distribute dietary food supplements and natural cosmetics developed from Dr. Loïc le Ribault's organic silica formula. This will mark the beginning of our commitment to promote and publicize the benefits of organic silica thanks to the excellent results obtained

Because your health is above all a matter of trust, our silica formulas (in liquid and powder form) are patented, the quality and safety of our products is a fundamental commitment to our customers. This is why our laboratory collaborates with numerous research centers to ensure constant innovation and continuous improvement.

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