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Eliminate your toxins

With seasonal changes, or at certain times influenced by our own life experiences, we can feel fatigued, lacking in energy, apathetic... Did you know that most of the time we can improve these feelings by simply eliminating the toxins we accumulate in our bodies? 

Learn to age

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you agree that being old doesn’t mean being weak if you prepare and take good care of yourself. The passage of time is inevitable, but if well managed, it can bring exciting advantages. Do you want to learn how to age?


The research was proposed with the objective of studying the bioavailability of three Silicium supplements compared to the study conducted by CTNS; showing that Silicium Organic Silica has the highest percentage of absorption than other competing products.


Why collagen with silica? Collagen is a protein that makes up 25% of our body and is responsible for supporting the body, but above all, for giving it movement. Indeed, collagen is mainly present in the skin, tendons, muscles and bones.


Organic silica, an essential ally for your skin Organic silica is a trace element unknown to most people, but it is the perfect ally in any beauty routine. Learn about all the benefits that silica brings to your skin, hair and nails.


Since 2003, Silicium has been manufacturing the authentic formula of Doctor of Science Loïc Le Ribault, pioneer and creator of liquid organic silica, a product protected by patent. Silicium continues to lead dozens of studies and actions to improve the quality of its products. to improve the quality of its products.


Get to know all that Silicium Laboratories has prepared for you: Live healthily with our health range that provides body wellness. Recover with our sport range focused on joint and muscle regeneration and performance. Pamper yourself with our beauty range: gels, creams and cell renewal serums.


The neurotoxic effects of aluminum have been associated with the development of diseases such as autism spectrum disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases...

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