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Plant Based 20th Anniversary Edition

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Plant-based Organic Silica. Detox Action

We are introducing the new generation of your usual organic silica: Well-being, health, and detox action. Living Silica Plant Based is a real revolution!

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With the Living Silica Plant Based, we have achieved greater assimilation and effectiveness with the help of technological innovation.

We now use an innovative high-pressure system to improve the digestion of silica by the cells in your body; this increases the speed of assimilation and accelerates the results, proven by scientific studies.

Why Living Silica Plant Based?

Living Silica Plant Based has the highest silicon content in an absorbable form (silanol) on the market. Unlike other products, it has a high absorption capacity, and this is evident in the effectiveness of its many benefits.

Our customers regularly report their experiences to us: improvements in their quality of life and joint well-being. Clinical tests also show multiple benefits on the skin, hair, and nails.

An indispensable part of your health and natural well-being routine!  !

Instructions for use

Take 15 ml twice a day, 10-15 minutes before meals and medication

Living Silica Plant Based has no contraindications or side effects.


Water, silicic acid, Equisetum Arvense, Rosmarinus officinalis. Silicon content: 360 mg/l. Natural organic silica, of mixed vegetable and mineral origin based on orthosilicic acid.


500 ml bottle with a dosing cup