Silicium G5 30 monodoses

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Silicium original formula from Le Ribault in monodoses, vitalized and of high purity. Double concentrated compared to the Silicium G5 Original of Loïc Le Ribault. In a single-dose format to enhance the assimilation process and facilitate its intake during trips.

PURE CONCENTRATED SILICA WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES Organic silica of purely mineral origin in a one-dose format for maximum convenience when carrying a daily dose, for safer use, highly purified and without preservatives. It is a product based on totally assimilable monomeric silica, readily bio-available for the cells. A perfect solution, non-colloidal and without crystallization. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Intensive intake: two doses a day before meals. Maintenance dose: one a day. There are no side effects. INGREDIENTS: Water, stabilized silicic acid, potassium phosphate. Silicon content: 360 mg/litre. No added preservatives. PACKAGING: Pack of 30 20 ml. doses.